Ashley Alexiss stuns in a sheer vampire dress for Halloween hijinks

Ashley Alexiss in a costume
Ashley Alexiss stuns fans in her gorgeus vampire costume. Pic credit: @ashalexiss/Instagram

With Halloween less than a week away, Ashley Alexiss is gearing up for all the spooky activities. The plus-size model decided to do a sexy rendition of a holiday classic.  

Ashley was seen in front of a bloody background sporting her best Dracula costume.

The model wore a lace minidress that left little to the imagination.

The dress was off the shoulder, with a mini black cape tied around her neck. Under the dress, she sported black underwear to match the lacy costume. 

She kept her makeup dark to go with her vampy look. She wore dark brown eyeshadow, a deep contour, and burgundy lipstick to go with her spooky vibe.  

Rather than wearing her long blonde hair down, she put it in a classic updo to keep the attention on her costume.  

Ashley Alexiss has other costume options 

Ashley seems to have been ready to celebrate Halloween for quite some time. Earlier last week, she embraced her good side with her nun costume.  

The model was seen smiling ear to ear in front of a torn backdrop. She knelt on her knees and held her hands together as she mimicked a praying pose.  

Her dress had a heart shape with gold lining along the neckline. The front was white, with black velvet along the sides and the skirt of the dress. The hem of the dress was cut in a V shape with gold crosses along the side. Over her dress, she wore a black and white detached turtle neck collar. 

She accessorized her outfit with black fingerless gloves that went up her arm. She paired it with black fishnet stockings that had black crosses on the legs. 

For her hair, she kept it mostly covered with a black veil. However, she let the peaks of her long blonde locks show for a fun look. She lightly curled her hair to get romantic-looking barrel curls.  

Her makeup was kept really simple with neutral eyeshadow and pink lipstick.  

Ashley Alexiss is an established designer  

Ashley’s creativity goes past picking cute costumes. She has her own swimwear line called Alexiss Swimwear. When talking to Naluda Magazine, she referred to her brand as her heart and soul. However, she admitted to the publication that it comes with its challenges.  

“Being inventive is tough on its own. But even more so when you’re also a full-time model, travel the world for work, take care of three rescue dogs, and still try to find time to be yourself.”     

However, she explained that regardless, she takes inspiration from everywhere around her to use in her designs.  

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