Ashley Alexiss shares stunning photo to reveal whether she likes beaches or mountains better

Ashley Alexiss talks to fans
Ashley Alexiss talks to fans to pass the time. Pic credit: @ashalexiss/Instagram

Ashley Alexiss made sure her preferences were known as the plus-size model recently let her followers ask her some questions.

Fans flooded Ashley’s inbox to ask about her dad, her birthday, food, and so much more.   

One anonymous fan asked her if she liked beaches or mountains better, and she answered with a stunning photo of herself in front of a gorgeous beach as the sun rose in the background. 

She wore a floral bikini top with mismatched black bottoms. The model sported damp, wavy hair that was pushed off to the side for an editorial look.  

The photo had low lighting, so while fans could not see her makeup, they could easily appreciate her bathing suit.  

It makes sense that the Alexiss Swimwear mogul chose beaches since she has made a whole brand off of bathing suits. 

Ashley Alexiss in a bikini
Pic credit:@ashalexiss/Instagram

Ashley Alexiss lets fans know what her skincare staples are 

Ashley Alexiss takes a lot of pride in her skin. While talking to Life and Style Magazine she explained that she didn’t start to take care of her skin until she noticed that her skin was starting to become really flakey, and it messed up her makeup looks. Since then, she has made sure to wash her face every day and give herself a very specific routine.  

Although it is not “one size fits all” when it comes to skincare, she did let the publication know what really helped her skin specifically.  

“I have 2 go-to’s. It really depends on the time of year, where I am in the world, and the condition my skin is in,” she explained. “First is called ‘Day Dream’ by Beauty by Dr. Kay. It is filled with collagen, green tea, and hyaluronic acid. Next is called ‘ultra repair cream’ by First Aid Beauty. It’s a thick moisturizer that cures dry skin.” 

Ashley Alexiss stuns in jeans and a tank top 

While it is normal to see the model look terrific in lingerie or intricate gowns, she has easily proven that she doesn’t need any of that. She posted a photo to Instagram to show that even a casual outfit can be breathtaking on her figure.  

The blonde bombshell was in front of a white backdrop while giving her best pose. She had on a brown tank top with her black bra strap peeking through and paired it with low-rise blue jeans that she left open.

For her makeup, she wore brown eyeshadow with matte nude lipstick.  

Ashley pulled her long blonde hair to the side to complete the glamorous look.  

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