Ashley Alexiss poses in front of fiery sunset and lush jungle

Ashley Alexiss face
Ashley Alexiss glows in a swimsuit. Pic credit: @ashalexiss/Instagran

Ashley Alexiss showed the views from on top as the fashion force shared a stunning photo on social media.

The plus-sized model recently posted an image of herself on Instagram, where she has amassed 2.5 million followers.

Fans have frequently received riveting content with the model exuding confidence and positivity. 

Ashley has become a beacon of light, promoting body positivity and encouraging women of all sizes to love their bodies. 

Her latest picture was no exception, with the beautiful model rocking a sparkly iridescent bikini while posing in paradise.

The post contained beauty, nature, and fashion, making the share a trifecta of desirable characteristics. 

For her efforts, Ashley garnered double taps and countless comments.

Ashley Alexiss promotes Alexiss Swimwear

Ashley was a vision as she stood barefoot in lush green grass, rocking the iridescent bikini from her line.

A vibrant sunset, with shades of pink, orange, and yellow, served as a magnificent backdrop.

Palm trees lined the skies, adding another layer of beauty to the stunning share.

As for Ashley, she threw back her head, worked her angles, and struck her fiercest pose.

Ashley wore the Glitzkini Tri Top from Alexiss Swimwear. The purple sequin triangle top has been a favorite of Ashley’s, retailing for $89.99. The model paired the top with the purple Alexiss Swimwear Glitzkini String Bottoms. The bottoms feature double-sided ties and retail for $84.99.

Ashley gushed in her caption, “I have never met a sunset I didn’t love” adding heart emojis in each color of the sunset.

Throughout her career, Ashley has consistently defied traditional beauty standards and modern conventions. 

She has modeled for Fashion Nova and appeared in publications like Sports Illustrated. In fact, Ashley used those modeling skills to star in her own ads.

The famous face wisely used her massive platform to create a business, which she represented in her latest post.

Ashley Alexiss involved in all aspects of own brand, Alexiss Swimwear

Ashley talked about her business Alexiss Swimwear, in an interview with Sports Illustrated.

Ashley disclosed, “I created Alexiss Swimwear because I wanted to fill the major size-inclusive gap in the market. I didn’t make it for just small women or curvy women, I made it for ALL women because beauty is not a size!”

Taking an approach similar to that of Kristin Cavallari, Ashley was involved in every stage of development and funded her company with her own money.

Ashley revealed, “I have my hands on every single part of the process of this line — the designs, fabrics, styles, customer care, social media, and all the backend stuff.”

Fans can purchase Alexiss Swimwear on Ashley’s site for the brand.

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