Ashley Alexiss is all smiles for her ‘leap of faith’

Ashley Alexiss selfie
Ashley looks stunning as she gives some food for thought. Pic credit: @ashalexiss/Instagram

Model and influencer Ashley Alexiss was all smiles recently as she looked fabulous while teasing taking a “leap of faith.”

The blonde bombshell has become known for her amazing pictures and inspirational messages.

This week Ashley did just that as she posed against a white wall wearing a black lacy bra.

Ashley was grinning from ear to ear as her long locks parted in the middle to cascade down her shoulders.

The Instagram post featured Ashley from the neck up, focusing on her smiling face.

She didn’t reveal the brand of bra she was wearing, but Ashley did tag CJC Photography.

“Sometimes, your only available means of transportation is a leap of faith ☺️✨,” was the caption on her jaw-dropping post.

That’s not the only look that Ashley sported this week to promote positivity, either.

Ashley Alexiss shows off her playful side for inspiration

As mentioned above, Ashley often uses her modeling skills and amazing physique to exclude inspiration. Ashley captivates attention with her pictures while leaving her 2.5 million Instagram followers something to think about.

To round out the week, Ashley once again posed in front of a white wall for an Instagram snap. Ashley stuck with black as her color choice for the picture, where she channeled her inner cowgirl.

The blonde beauty wore black what appeared to be black jeans with either a blank tank top or body suit under. Ashley’s curves were perfectly highlighted in her pose as she lifted on hand to touch the black cowboy hat on her head.

Once again, she was all smiles, writing, “Loving yourself isn’t vanity… it is sanity ?.” Ashley tagged CJC Photography but did not tag a brand.

Ashley Alexiss talks about skincare

There’s no question that Ashley’s one busy lady working as a model influencer and entrepreneur. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Ashley is the creator of Alexiss Swimwear.

It doesn’t matter how busy Ashley is. She always makes time for her skin care. Speaking with New You during LA Pride week last summer, Ashley dished all about her skincare, even calling it her beauty secret.

“Skincare is my jam. I have a seven to eight-step routine, depending on the night,” she spilled. “And it’s definitely, you know, invigorated my skin. You can see it through my makeup.”

The model admitted that SPF is her key when it comes to her skincare. Ashley was adamant that  SPF is a must for good skin.

“So many people know that, but I feel like they don’t tap into it,” she expressed.

Whatever Ashley Alexiss is doing is clearly working, as she’s on fire these days. Ashley doesn’t just look good. She focuses on making others feel good and being a positive influence.

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