Ashanti stuns in red from head to toe

Ashanti looks stunning in her bright red attire.
Ashanti looks gorgeous in her bright red ensemble. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Ashanti certainly turned some heads this time around as she elegantly posed for the camera while wearing a full, bright red ensemble.

The 41-year-old singer showcased her beautiful curves and hourglass figure as she posed away during a recent photo shoot.

Ashanti was kind enough to share the collage of photographs with her 7 million Instagram followers.

Ashanti started the fit by wearing a gorgeous, bright red stiletto pant boot that came up to her mid-torso.

The red pant boot combination was extremely form-fitting and highlighted Ashanti’s flawless physique.

The iconic singer stood with admirable confidence while she effortlessly glowed in the camera light.

Ashanti is sizzling hot in bright red

Ashanti decided to style the bottoms with a chunky red belt, which fit nicely around her tiny waist.

However, the singer’s red ensemble didn’t stop there. She also wore a gorgeous cropped fur jacket which she left unzipped for the shots. This left her chest uncovered while it also allowed for her laced red bra to make a slight appearance underneath.

The star further accessorized an assortment of dazzling diamond jewelry. She wore a diamond bracelet on each of her wrists, along with a couple of chunky diamond rings. She then had a pair of number 5 earrings hanging from her ears.

Ashanti’s nails were freshly done for the shoot, as she seemed to have a variety of different patterns and styles. Some of the nails were bright red, while others had black and red ombre designs.

To complete this memorable look, the singer wore her dark hair down in light curls while it naturally fell along her back and chest.

In contrast to her vibrant attire, Ashanti decided to go for a bold and dark makeup look as it complemented the overall fit.

She wore long, lavish lashes and paired that with a thick line of eyeliner around her eyes. She added blush and bronzer to her cheeks and finished with a brownish-nude hue across her lips.

Ashanti releases her new song Falling For You

In another recent share, the singer announced some exciting news which was the release of her new single and music video Falling For You.

Ashanti’s fans have been eagerly waiting for her to release some new music and luckily, the wait is finally over.

The singer shared her excitement for the new single as she uploaded the music video in a recent Instagram post.

She captioned the post, “Currently sitting at number 2 R&B on Apple Music let’s get it up to number one!!!!! Link in bio let’s go!!!”

Fans immediately came out to support and show their love for the new single as the post received 26k likes and over 600 comments.

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