Ashanti is turning heads in black and white jacket and matching boots

Ashanti at the Clive Davis 2013 Pre-Grammy Gala. Pic credit:
Ashanti at the Clive Davis 2013 Pre-Grammy Gala. Pic credit: ©

Ashanti glistened and shined in an outfit from a new photo shared with her fans.

The R&B talent shared the four photo carousel with her 7.3 million Instagram followers.

In the pictures, Ashanti was seen wearing a shiny leather outfit put together by fashion designers Katerina Lankova Couture and Tim B.

The collaborative fashion designers worked with Global Leathers to put Ashanti in a remarkable black and white leather dress/coat that zipped down the middle. Additionally, the leather one-piece dress had furry cuffs at the seams of the sleeves.

The zipper was undone just enough to tease a black lacey bra underneath the leather exterior.

The Mesmerized singer wore matching black and white striped leather boots with the outfit and fishnet stockings underneath.

And to complete the fashionable top, Ashanti held it together with a giant black leather belt.

Ashanti stuns in a black and white leather outfit

Adding to the color scheme, the talented singer wore long, pointy black and white nails.

Pristine Jewelers did her rings; one had a spiral shape with diamonds, while the other was a bulky square shape with sparkles.

Ashanti also sported large white hoops in both ears and a braided silver chain across her chest.

In some of the photos, she was pictured wearing large black shades. However, some of the pictures showed off the exquisite makeup work done by Angie Mar.

The Grammy-winning artist had an eye shadow look with her eyelashes winged and pronounced with dark eyeliner.

She wore dark-toned pink lipstick, and her cheeks had an understated matching blush.

To complete the look, hairstylist Kalief Wolfe had Ashanti’s hair slicked and hanging past her shoulders.

Besides looking fashionable in black and white leather, that is not all the singer had going on.

The singer/songwriter recently celebrated a birthday as well, and she has not aged a day.

Ashanti celebrates her 42nd birthday

Ashanti continues to wow with her timeless beauty in her 40s.

She posted to Instagram to mark the moment of her 42nd birthday and reflected on the insane year she experienced.

Some of the details included the accomplishment of completing two movies as well as some emotional setbacks.

Ashanti also commented on other accolades stating, ” I must say my heart was pierced quite a few times.. but it healed and was filled with love again… I was able to celebrate the 20th anniversary of my first album “Ashanti” and in the same week receive a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.”

In the same Instagram post, the Foolish singer was pictured in a very revealing matching shell bikini walking on a beach.

Ashanti might have had her heartbroken this past year, but from these pictures, it is abundantly clear the pop star remains a heartbreaker herself.

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