ASAP Rocky arrested for assault in Sweden: Watch video of the street fight

ASAP Rocky at Rihanna's 4th Annual Diamond Ball held at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City.
ASAP Rocky was arrested in Sweden. Pic credit: ©

After an altercation in Sweden, ASAP Rocky has been arrested and accused of aggravated assault. The A$AP Forever rapper was taken into custody after a fight broke out between his crew and two men in the street.

In the first video, released by TMZ, ASAP Rocky appears to be shown violently throwing one man before pelting him with hits and kicks as he fell to the street. It looked pretty brutal and many were shocked to see the rapper get physical like that.

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The fight is said to have broken out after one of the men wouldn’t stop hounding Rocky and his crew, claiming they broke his headphones. However, a longer video appears to prove that the headphones were broken after the man hit ASAP Rocky’s bodyguard in the head with them.

ASAP Rocky has already begun to plead his case, claiming that the men were following and harassing him prior to the altercation. He has even released video in a bid to prove that the fight was not unprovoked.

In some of the footage, the men appear to become aggressive while ASAP Rocky was trying to calm the situation down. While he was seemingly also seen taking matters into his own hands, Rocky claims he wasn’t the aggressor.

In other footage, the two men can be seen again as they follow and argue with ASAP Rocky’s entourage.




After news of ASAP Rocky’s arrest and the release of the videos showing what happened in Sweden, many of his fans are calling for law enforcement to Free Rocky.

ASAP Rocky could reportedly be held in Sweden for up to three days as investigators work to decide what to charge him with. On charges of aggravated assault, he could end up serving up to six years in prison.

It was also reported that three other men were arrested along with ASAP Rocky. What is not clear, though, is which three men were taken into custody.

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