Arnold Schwarzenegger dropkicked in back video: Watch him attacked in South Africa

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Arnold Schwarzenegger was attacked in South Africa. Pic credit: ©

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been involved with WWE and is actually a member of the WWE Hall of Fame. Despite this, he never could have been expected to be attacked in South African with a professional wrestling move — a dropkick to his back.

The incident happened when the former Governor of California was at the Arnold Sports Festival and was about to do a Snapchat when someone ran from out of the frame and dropkicked Schwarzenegger in the back, causing the 70-year-old actor to fall forward.

Security raced in and took the attacker to the ground.

Here is a video of the Arnold Schwarzenegger attack:

This is scary that someone could get close enough to do something like this and brings up the memories of this year’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony where someone raced the stage and tackled Bret “The Hitman” Hart to the ground.

Luckily, in both situations, the men attacked were not injured. For his part, Schwarzenegger humorously claimed he never realized he was kicked, even though he fell to the ground. He said he thought he was just “jostled” by the crowd.

Schwarzenegger then asked people sharing the video on social media to use a “blurry one” so the attacker doesn’t get the spotlight. He then jokingly asked if this was a “block” or a “charge.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger was at the Arnold Sports Festival in South Africa where 24,000 athletes of all ages competed in 90 different sports. As Arnold said, this is an event to convince people to “get off the couch.”

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