Ariel Winter takes Switzerland for exciting Euro trip

ariel winter selfie
Ariel Winter continues her Europe trip. Pic credit: @arielwinter/Instagram

With the season changing from winter to spring, many people have taken the opportunity to travel, including Ariel Winter, who jetted to Europe.

Luckily for fans, Ariel has taken fans along for the ride as she sees the sights and tastes the delicacies of a few must-see destinations.

So far, Ariel has stopped in Amsterdam, Paris, and now, Switzerland.

Since any trip to Switzerland would be lacking without some snow action, Ariel made sure to dress the part as she braved the cold.

Ariel posted a video on her TikTok and Instagram pages, sharing her adventures, which looked like a marvelous time.

The Modern Family alum made snow angels, rocked comfortable pajamas, and shared a glimpse at her swanky accommodations.

Ariel Winter hits Switzerland, staying at The Omnia Zermatt

The video started with Ariel rocking blue pajamas and smiling at the camera. Then, she showed the view of the Zermatt Valley from her swanky suite.

Next, Ariel made a snow angel in a crop top but referenced her poor outfit choice in the text above the video. Finally, Ariel hitched a ride on a helicopter, admitting the experience was scary.

Ariel tagged The Omnia Zermatt, a lavish hotel that graciously hosted her.

Ariel’s caption read, “Full video up on TikTok of our Europe Trip Part 3: Zermatt ??#travel #couples #reels.”

As a website for The Omnia explained, the Swiss Alps gem was designed by New York-based architect Ali Tayar, who added American influences to the mountain lodge. The Omnia has a restaurant, lounge, and bar as well as a wellness center and multiple fireplaces. The cozy hotel features 30 rooms, 12 of which are suites.

Perhaps the best room is The Omnia Roof Suite, which has panorama windows showing views of the Matterhorn and Zermatt valley. The luxurious suite also has a sauna, wood-burning stove, and fireplace.

The suite is quite expensive, costing $2175 per night during the summer, or $3800 nightly during the winter, the peak season for the Swiss Alps.

After the cold Swiss vacation, Ariel might need some moisture. Luckily, Ariel has just the thing to return her skin to its glowing state.

Ariel Winter shares beauty secrets with Glamour

Ariel has a few beauty secrets, and she shared them in an interview with Glamour.

The actress has dyed her hair frequently throughout the years with blonde, red, black, and pink tresses.

Accordingly, moisture has played a role in safely transitioning her locks.

Ariel explained, “If I add oils to my hair and moisturize, it makes it a lot easier to dye and go back to those colors.”

Two moisturizing oils Ariel used were argan and coconut, which could go on the face or in her hair.

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