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Ariana Grande goes makeup free with curly hair for new collection show off

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande goes makeup free to promote the newest products for her brand. Pic credit: © Press Agency

Ariana Grande showed off her makeup-free face while promoting the newest products for her beauty brand.

Aside from the 29-year-old star’s successful career in the music industry, she has also built her own empire with r.e.m. beauty — the makeup brand that she initially launched back in 2018.

Over the weekend, the Sweetener star shared her newest drop with followers, which features the brand’s first full-body collection.

The new release includes four God Is A Woman scented products: A body scrub, a body oil, a hand and body cream, and a travel-size version of her successful fragrance.

Ariana has years of experience in the fragrance industry, with multiple other perfumes currently on the market.

The megastar shared a new promotional video for r.e.m.’s full-body products, along with her excitement in regards to the latest development with her best-selling fragrance.

Ariana Grande goes makeup free in new promotional video

In an Instagram video, Ariana shared clips of her looking into the camera while posing with her head in her hand.

Sporting a face without any visible makeup, the video then switched to show her new God Is A Woman products before ending with a backshot of her putting her wet, curly hair into a ponytail.

“After seven+ years of creating fragrances, i’m beyond excited to announce that today we have finally launched our very first full body collection !!!!! this drop includes four God Is A Woman scented products: a body scrub soufflé (my favorite), a body oil (my other favorite – tied for first), a hand and body cream, and a deluxe travel sized version of the fragrance,” Ariana wrote.

Ariana also confirmed that all of the new products were vegan and sustainably sourced, using clean ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, argan oil, and “lots of love.”

“I am so excited and proud of this step and of all that we’ve created thus far,” Ariana continued. “It will never get old to me when people tell me that they love our fragrances or when i smell them on someone and they say ‘thanks, it’s yours!’. :) it’s an honor to create things and to then see you enjoy them in every / any capacity.”

Fans previously call Ariana Grande out for focusing on her makeup brand

The singer had previously shared her makeup-free face on social media to show off the before/after effects of her new r.e.m. products.


introducing the sweetener concealer by 🌱 developed with love and formulated with thoughtful ingredients for you and your skin chapter four: “out of body” available tomorrow at 6am pst on ♡🤎🤍🖤

♬ original sound – arianagrande

In one TikTok video, fans were quick to jump to her comments section to remind Ariana that she was a “singer first” — inferring she was putting too much focus on her beauty brand and not enough on her music career as of late.

Ariana Grande TikTok comment asks her to start singing again
Pic credit: @arianagrande/TikTok

Fans responded to her video with replies such as, “pls remember you’re a singer” and “we really love u Ari but can u start singing again plss?”

Comments on Ariana Grande's TikTok Video
Pic credit: @arianagrande/TikTok

However, Ariana is dropping more than new beauty products lately — she also dropped the mic with her response to the comments that read, “I have actually never felt more at home in my voice or like more of a singer.”