Ariana Grande claps back after fan tells her to ‘remember you’re a singer’

Ariana Grande at the Grammys
Some fans believe Ariana Grande has been neglecting her music career lately. Pic credit: ©

Although Ariana Grande has been spending a lot of time in the makeup lab recently, it seems as if some fans only prefer her to spend time in the recording studio.

The 29-year-old megastar has made an impactful splash in the music industry since her departure from the Nickelodeon shows she appeared on as a teenager.

Most notably, the Grammy-winning singer has released albums Yours Truly, My Everything, Dangerous Woman, thank u, next, Sweetener, and most recently Positions in 2020.

However, some fans have been calling out the singer to say that 2020 was too long ago for an album drop.

Ariana has been busy releasing new products for r.e.m. beauty, the makeup brand that she originally launched back in 2018.

With an ever-evolving line of new items, Ariana took to TikTok recently to show off some of the new goodies that will be available with her Chapter Four: Out Of Body release.


introducing the sweetener concealer by ? developed with love and formulated with thoughtful ingredients for you and your skin chapter four: “out of body” available tomorrow at 6am pst on ♡???

♬ original sound – arianagrande

Naturally, a few pressed followers have noted their preference for Grande returning to the music side of her career, rather than focusing on her new makeup line.

Fans want Ariana Grande to return to making music

Landing a top comment spot on Ariana’s TikTok was from a user who swooped in to remind Ariana of her “roots.”

“pls remember you’re a singer,” @ariwry wrote.

However, Ariana herself replied to the comment in defense — “I have actually never felt more at home in my voice or like more of a singer,” she said.

Comment on Ariana Grande's TikTok
Pic credit: @arianagrande/TikTok

One fan begged the question, “we really love u Ari but can u start singing again plss?”

Comment on Ariana's TikTok
Pic credit: @arianagrande/TikTok

“ari, we hunggry feed us an album. RN,” another follower wrote.

Comment on Ariana's video
Pic credit: @arianagrande/TikTok

Fans took out their frustrations on other social media platforms as well. One Twitter user wrote, “ariana grande the singer please come back,” alongside a photo of a distressed Millie Bobby Brown.

Fans step in to defend Ariana Grande on r.e.m beauty

While there may be those who wish to see Ariana behind the microphone at all times, other fans have commended the artist for branching out and focusing on her other projects.

Garnering hundreds of Likes from others in agreement, one user commented on Ariana’s TikTok, “it hasn’t even been a full 2 years since she dropped her last album. i promise y’all can wait. like relisten to her whole discography or sum.”

Comment defending Ariana on TikTok
Pic credit: @arianagrande/TikTok

“I do miss Ariana Grande the singer too, but please don’t come at her like this. She’s currently working on stuffs that make her happy. Please do remember that she’s still a human after all and she deserves to do and try everything, apart from singing and making music,” another user tweeted.

Although the internet may be divided on the matter, Ariana Grande has still released her latest drop of r.e.m beauty products that are available for purchase now.

The all-inclusive line includes a primer, concealer, beauty blender, and blotting papers.

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