Antonio Brown dance video has people questioning his ankle injury after Tampa Bay Bucs firing

antonio brown during the i am athlete youtube interview
Antonio Brown’s recent dance video had some people calling him out for saying he had a bad ankle injury. Pic credit: I Am Athlete/YouTube

After wide receiver Antonio Brown made his dramatic exit from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game against the New York Jets, he’s been quite active in public and on social media.

Within the past several weeks, he’s been hanging out with Kanye West, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Madonna, and other celebrities. Brown’s also been attending recording studio sessions and NBA games.

In just the past several days, he shared some curious posts on his social media, including his dancing video.

That Antonio Brown dance video has many people wondering about the severity of the injury he claimed was part of a “coverup” by his former team.

Antonio Brown seen dancing on ankle in video clip

ESPN’s Jenna Laine shared an upload of the Antonio Brown dance video on her Twitter, suggesting he posted it sometime Thursday on his Instagram.

The video features Brown decked out in dark shades, a black shirt, black pants, and a camouflage jacket with various patches on it. He’s also wearing stylish boots and dances around on his tiptoes as his song Pit Not Da Palace plays over the video.

Laine mentions that the “extra rest” appears to have helped Brown’s ankle, which the NFL star said was the reason he wouldn’t go into the Bucs game against the Jets when head coach Bruce Arians asked him to.

That resulted in Brown’s firing from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and his antics in the endzone, including stripping off his gear, gesturing to the crowd, and throwing his jersey to fans before exiting the field in the third quarter.

Brown has commented about his Bucs firing in a few interviews since then and even brought up his mental health, suggesting that wasn’t the issue.

However, he maintained that his ankle injury was why he chose not to enter the game when called upon by his head coach and said the team and coach were aware of his injury.

According to NY Post, Brown said via a statement from his attorney that the injury would require surgery and that the Bucs attempted to cover up his injury while forcing him to play.

People call out Brown’s dance video, ankle injury

With the video above, plenty of fans weighed in on the topic, suggesting that it proves Brown may have been exaggerating about his ankle injury.

“I thought he had bone fragments and tore ligaments,” one Twitter commenter said.

fan reacts antonio brown dance video
Pic credit: @anacarolguedes2/Twitter

Another individual asked how the dance video doesn’t cast doubt on the severity of his injury, adding that they’ve experienced similar issues, and it was painful to walk.

twitter user calls out antonio brown ankle injury
Pic credit: @JooohnyG63/Twitter

“When you’re from the Pit, not the Palace, ankle injuries that require surgery heal up naturally and quickly on their own,” another Twitter user joked.

fan jokes about antonio brown dance video
Pic credit: @JKM903/Twitter

Other fans brought up that the basic dance moves were a lot less strenuous than the sorts of pattern runs Brown might perform on a football field.

However, many believe the dance video will be some excellent evidence for the Tampa Bay Bucs’ legal team.

twitter user reacts to antonio brown dance video
Pic credit: @IBES16/Twitter

Brown wishes Brady good luck, later shares image trolling Bucs

Days after Brown’s dance video, he was on social media, wishing his former teammate Tom Brady and the Bucs what appeared to be good luck in their NFL playoff game.

“APG @tombrady good lucky today #kumbaya,” Brown wrote in the caption for a photo of Brady and himself in their Bucs jerseys.

Unfortunately, the game didn’t quite go in Tampa Bay’s favor. Despite a furious comeback by Brady and company, the Los Angeles Rams won it on a late field goal, 30-27.

Not long after that, it seems a clever fan must have done some photoshopping as Brown shared their work. It’s a photo of him during his exit from the Bucs vs. Jets game, holding up a sign that says “Bucs eliminated.”

“I can’t,” Brown wrote on the photo with a laughing emoji.

While Brown mentioned in a previous interview that he’d received calls from some NFL teams after his firing, one must wonder if his current antics are hurting his chances to play in the league again.

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