AnnaLynne McCord compared to Gal Gadot after sharing tone-deaf poem about Vladimir Putin

AnnaLynne McCord. Grand Opening Weekend of The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails inside The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.
AnnaLynne McCord took over Twitter after she posted her spoken-word poem apologizing to Vladimir Putin for not being his mother. Pic credit: ©

Actress AnnaLynne McCord took to Twitter to post a spoken-word poem apologizing to Vladimir Putin for not being his mother. 

The 90210 alum started off by saying, “Dear President Vladimir Putin, I’m so sorry that I was not your mother.” 

AnnaLynne’s poem came out following Putin’s orders for his troops to invade Ukraine early Thursday morning. 

However, fans are not impressed by the poem and have called her poem tone-deaf in a similar fashion to Gal Gadot’s Imagine video that circulated in 2020. 

As far as many fans are concerned, AnnaLynne McCord is the new “queen of cringe.”

AnnaLynne McCord causes Internet to cringe with spoken word poem to Vladimir Putin

The video AnnaLynne shared on Twitter is two minutes and 20 seconds long. The entire video is a spoken word poem to President Vladimir Putin and what AnnaLynne would have done as his mother. Apparently, she believes that if she had been his mother, the conflict with Ukraine wouldn’t be happening.

After her opening line apology for not being Putin’s mother, she continued, “If I was a mother, you would have been so loved, held in the arms of joyous light. Never would this story’s plight, the world unfurled before our eyes, a pure demise of nation sitting peaceful under the night sky. If I was your mother, the world would have been warm.”

Twitter users were quick to flood her replies with their comments, one user writing “Just sing ‘imagine’ next time. It’s easier than whatever this is.”

Another user joked “I miscalculated” while quoting their own tweet from Wednesday that says, “If things go really sideways in Ukraine, we’re going to get a Gal Gadot-led celeb cover of 99 Red Balloons, aren’t we” with a link to the song 99 Red Balloons by NENA

Danny Deraney commented his own two cents, writing, “Just wanted to point out that I am not AnnaLynne’s publicist.”

Twitter users reply to AnnaLynne McCord's poem about Vladimir Putin
Pic credit: @elsuspendo/@realsusandixon/@dannyderaney/Twitter

To the surprise of many Twitter users, not everyone hated AnnaLynne’s poem. One user advised AnnaLynne to “ignore the comments” and said “what a powerful poem.” 

Twitter user compliments AnnaLynne's poem
Pic credit: @ic3ebe/Twitter

The video quickly went viral, and as a result, so did AnnaLynne McCord. This was the first time many Twitter users had ever heard of the actress.

Who is AnnaLynne McCord?

AnnaLynne McCord is an American actress most commonly known for starring in the drama series 90210.

People magazine reports that AnnaLynne grew up in rural Georgia and experienced sexual abuse as a child, starting at age five. As a result of continued abuse, the actress developed Dissociative Identity Disorder. 

Cleveland Clinic says that Dissociative Identity Disorder, or DID, is a mental health condition in which people have two or more separate identities, which AnnaLynne called her altars. The separate personalities can control a person’s behavior at times, and each one has its own history, traits, and preferences, like an individual person. 

AnnaLynne was first diagnosed in 2019 but has since learned to cope with her mental illness. She is reportedly no longer on medication and many of her strongest symptoms have disappeared, including her altars. 

“I’ve been called crazy in my life,” she said. “But we need to dig deeper and get to the root of symptoms. I can’t count how many points in my life I didn’t think I’d be okay. But I love myself now and to others who are in pain, I’m able to give that love to them.”

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, please contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

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