Anna Leikovic’s Instagram account is still live after she was accused of ripping out her mother’s heart

Anna Leikovic
Anna Leikovic reportedly stabbed her mother and ripped out her heart. Pic credit: @leksaaam/Instagram

The Instagram account of Anna Leikovic, the woman accused of stabbing her mother and ripping out her heart, is still live.

Leikovic’s Instagram account, which can be viewed here, has 11,000 followers.

Anna last posted to her account on September 24.

The post (see below), captioned “Angel in the Flesh,” includes a selfie of Anna staring with a blank expression into the camera.

A previous photo uploaded on September 18, shows the young woman posing in a low cut top and white shorts. A photo (see below) uploaded on July 20 shows her in a tightfitting mini dress.

Anna Leikovic’s Instagram followers react

After many of Leikovic’s followers learned from media reports that she allegedly stabbed her mom and ripped out her heart, they began posting comments to her Instagram.

The first comments were inquiries by followers who wanted to know whether the news was true. But now, the initial confusion and uncertainty have turned into shock and anger.

“How could u kill your essence mother?” one follower wondered.


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A post shared by ANNA LEKOVICH ? (@leksaaam)


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A post shared by ANNA LEKOVICH ? (@leksaaam)

“U will go to hell woman,” another Instagram follower raged.

“It’s a real shame what happened. You could have been something nice. Serve your time and rehabilitate,” a third shocked follower wrote.

“Rot in hell murderess,” an angry follower added.

But some of Leikovic’s followers urged people not to condemn her, saying she might have been on drugs or afflicted with mental health issues.

“Guys don’t blame her, blame the cocaine!” one follower declared.

Leikovic reportedly went out to see her boyfriend after murdering her mom

According to the Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda, Leikovic stabbed her mother with a knife and cut out her heart, lungs, and intestines.

She then took a shower and went out to see her boyfriend.

Leikovic has been charged with murder. Police said they were investigating the case, but the motive for the murder remains unclear.

Video shows Anna Leikovic’s bizarre behavior in court

Anna Leikovic’s court behavior has led to speculation that she could have mental health issues.

Footage (see below) of her first appearance in court shows her lying back on a bench, grooming her nails. She then casually sits up when the judge enters and flashes a victory sign with her fingers.

Later, when a media reporter asked her whether she was guilty of murder, she reportedly answered “Goodbye,” with a laugh.

What we know about Anna Leikovic and the murder incident

Anna Leikovic is a 21-year-old medical student from Comrat, Moldova.

She was a rising Instagram influencer with about 11,000 followers on the photo and video-sharing platform.

Her mother was Praskovya Leikovic and her father is Vasily Aladov, a wealthy man who ran for mayor of Comrat in 2019, according to Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Leikovic’s mom, 40-year-old Praskovya, worked in Germany. She believed that her daughter was addicted to drugs.

Praskovya clashed with Anna when she tried to take her for treatment. Anna reportedly lost her temper during the confrontation and attacked her mother.

But her uncle raised doubts about the report, saying that Praskovya and her daughter had a good relationship.

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