Anna Duggar due date: When is Josh Duggar’s pregnant wife likely to be expecting their sixth child?

Anna Duggar during a 19 Kids and Counting confessional
Anna Duggar is expecting her sixth child. Pic credit: TLC

Anna Duggar shared exciting news with her followers on social media. She has been working on improving her health and has been looking better than ever in recent months.

With her slimmed-down look, it was quite a shock to learn that Anna Duggar is expecting her sixth child with husband, Josh Duggar. The two most recently welcomed a baby back in 2017.

When is Anna Duggar due with baby number six?

While a due date was not officially announced, it looks like Anna Duggar is due in the beginning or middle of October. She is due this fall, and if the couple chose to announce around the 12-week mark, that would make sense.

It is possible that she may be a little further along, but not too much. Fall runs from September to just before Christmas in December. Anna Duggar’s announcement specifically mentions the baby coming this fall. If they chose to announce a little early, a Halloween baby could also be in the cards.

Heavy criticism is thrown at Anna Duggar

A baby is a blessing in the Duggar family. In fact, this will be Anna Duggar’s third child born after the scandal Josh Duggar brought on the family in 2015. The couple welcomed a baby shortly after all of the attention came and then again in 2017.

Over the last several weeks and months, Anna Duggar has praised her husband. She mentioned how thankful she was for God’s redeeming grace. Of course, Josh Duggar did go through treatment to get help with some issues. While many viewers were skeptical about his ability to reform, Anna has gushed about his progress for a long time now.

As they look forward to adding another Duggar child into the mix (presumably with a name that begins with the letter M), this will be Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 16th grandchild.

While Anna and Josh Duggar no longer film with the family, they are documenting their life on social media.

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