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Anna Delvey’s latest business venture includes selling signed prison panties

Anna Delvey's new panties business venture.
Anna Delvey’s new panties business venture. Pic credit: @theannadelvey/Instagram

Famous scammer Anna Delvey is behind bars, but that is not stopping her from trying out some new business ventures.

The infamous prisoner is the latest person to jump onto the NFT wagon, a la Paris Hilton and Snoop Dogg. The inspiration for the Netflix show Inventing Anna, played by Julia Garner, explained what she was trying to accomplish and that she was satisfying an existing demand.

Anna is currently in an ICE detention center and plans to drop NFTs for items she has been collecting. She spoke through a representative and later in a phone interview about what her project entails, and the venture includes prison panties, among other oddities.

Anna Delvey describes her latest prison panty business venture from behind bars

Anna Delvey is in prison, fighting for her freedom, so there is probably no better time to generate profit than now. Anna is housed at Orange County Correctional Facility,

She spoke with Page Six, through a spokesperson and then in a phone interview, where she described her newest idea and shared the details of her business plan.

Anna said through her spokesperson, “My NFT team have a wide array of items that we’ve been accumulating for a while. It ranges from my jail pens and stationery that I customized by hand to my signed white cotton jail T-shirts and panties.”

Anna gained some phone privileges and spoke with Page Six about the inspiration for her business.

She divulged that she planned to meet market demands because people have requested things like prison panties. She said, “People have been asking for all kinds of stuff. “All kinds of requests of every nature. I don’t want to force my panties on anyone, but if they ask.”

Anna also shared that she receives a lot of supportive mail and adoption offers from sympathetic Americans. She explained that she received “marriage proposals because they think if I am married, my problems with deportation will go away. I had three people offer to adopt me that are Americans.”

Anna Delvey is in an ICE detention center

Anna Delvey was sentenced to 4 to 12 years in prison for scamming $275,000 from victims who believed she was an affluent heiress. 

She was released for good behavior after serving four years in prison in February 2021. The next month, in March 2021, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detained her for overstaying her visa.

Anna was released in March 2022 and deported to Germany, but she refused to go to the airport for a flight back to Deutschland. 

Anna is still in custody in Upstate New York as she fights her case.

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