Anitta stuns in plunging black gown for WSJ magazine cover

Anitta stuns in music video
Anitta looks incredible performing for a music video. Pic credit: @Anitta/YouTube

The Brazilian singer Anitta is mainly known for her hit song Envolver.

Throughout her career, she has collaborated with other major Latin artists like Maluma and J Balvin, as well as more international artists like Alesso and Iggy Azalea.

But of course, besides her talents for music, she is also incredible when it comes to fashion.

The songwriter is adorning the cover for the November issue of WSJ magazine, and she is sparkling.

Anitta can be seen wearing a huge sparkly black gown with a plunging cut-out in the middle of her chest.

Her hair is now long and a bright red, which was styled wavy for this photoshoot. She posed for the camera in front of a brown background moving around in her dress to create that dramatic effect.

Anitta poses in a sparkly dress for WSJ magazine

In another picture, she substituted the gown for a shorter and more modern version. This time she wore a mini dress with long sleeves with the end cut into strips.

Her red manicure was adorned with a silver diamond ring, and her eyeshadow was super eye-catching.

The singer posted a few shots from the photoshoot on her Instagram account, which now has an incredible 63.2 million followers.

Anitta talks about who she is when she is not in the public eye

Anitta’s real name is Larissa de Macedo Machado and she is a normal person just like anybody else, except that she has a very demanding career and millions of eyes on her.

She sat down to talk to J Balvin for Interview magazine. He asked her about the differences between her public and private personas, telling her, “The artist side is really easy to find on Google; I want people to know the human side.”

To this, Anitta responded, “That’s when it gets tricky, because I created this whole thing. Whenever I suffered any damage as a teenager, I created this character inside of me that no one could ever play with. She was tough, but I was very insecure. It’s part of me, this side that’s very confident—and I like that.”

Despite this second persona she created that now is part of her, the Brazilian singer stated that this also helps her to ground herself and never forget she came from.

She further explained, “I’m a very political person, and I use this character and industry to make the changes I want to see in the world. But I don’t like when people notice that, because I feel like people are noticing that I’m fragile or weak.”

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