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Angie Goff leaving News4 to pursue ‘personal projects’

Angie Goff announces she is leaving News4
Angie Goff announces she is leaving News4. Pic credit: NBC

Angie Goff, a career journalist who has spent the last seven years at News4 in the Washington D.C. area, yesterday announced that she would be leaving the show.

The revelation came as she filmed her final episode, with the presenter later taking to social media to make it clear that leaving NBC was not an easy decision.

She said that discussions about her departure had been taking place behind the scenes for many months, but that there was no “juicy drama” behind her decision to step away.

Goff said on the show: “This is an emotional, personal decision that took many months, many personal discussions, not only with my family and loved ones but also with my bosses here at NBC4, and really it’s a decision I’ve come to as I look at my life and my career, and my growth. A growth that speaks to me.”

What is Angie Goff doing after leaving NBC?

While saying her goodbyes yesterday, Goff confirmed she was set to pursue “personal projects” after her departure. She did not give away many details, but said they had been on the “backburner” for a while and involved the media and kids.

She added: “I’m not ruling out television, you know, it’s just right now this is what I need to do. I will say that I don’t have any more juice for you. NBC4 is the best newsroom that I have ever worked in in the 15 years that I’ve been doing TV. ”

She added on an emotional Instagram post: “No juicy drama to report… truth is the decision to leave boils down to a deep desire to keep growing and to see what else I can do.”

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Ohhhh today was not easy y’all. This morning, after 7 great years I did my last newscast at NBC4. The decision to leave was an extremely hard one following many months and conversations with loved ones, mentors and my great bosses at News4. No juicy drama to report… truth is the decision to leave boils down to a deep desire to keep growing and to see what else I can do. While the fire in my belly is burning my heart is still breaking. I know how lucky I am to have worked at one of the best news operations in the nation. I am forever grateful for all the incredible things I learned and got to do! Then there’s my colleagues who became friends then like-family. These people are my heart. Not seeing them daily will hurt. To our wonderful viewers I want to send you a sincere thank you! I’ve had a blast getting to know so many of you. Our #Fblive fam is a special group. Let’s stay together. I’ll keep posting, promise. I often tell people looking for advice that your goals should excite you but also be a little scary. It’s why I pray a lot. I know that no matter how big my hopes or dreams are God’s plan is better which is what excites me and gives me peace. So what is ahead? First, I’m gonna get these dang Christmas decorations up if Lauryn Ricketts can get this weather in check! Next, I’m looking forward to enjoying some QT with my babies and husband over the holidays. Then, I’ll dive into a couple fun projects on my ever growing wanna-do list. More TV? I learned a long time ago never say never. Super boring answers I know … but I promise when I can say more I will. Stay tuned…. but more importantly please stay in touch. Truly love y’all! 😙

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Goff promised in her farewell episode that she would still remain active on social media. Aside from being on News4, she has also been a blogger for quite some time.

It’s thought having three young children may have played a role in Goff’s decision to leave News4, and some fans have speculated she move into blogging about parenthood. Stay tuned!

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