Anastasia Ashley shares sneak peek from Jamaica

Anastasia Ashley face
Anastasia Ashley visited Jamaica. Pic credit: ©

She was born in California, but surfer Anastasia Ashley has been promoting the wonders of a different location all week on social media.

Known for her talents on the waves and ever-evolving career, Anastasia recently visited Jamaica, leaving her followers captivated through her Instagram Stories. Jamaica was the perfect destination to take a break from her busy schedule and soak up the Caribbean vibes. 

The hard-working surfer accomplished two things with her trip. First, she enjoyed the sights and sounds of a new country. Secondly, Anastasia created content with Jamaican vibes and stunning visuals.

After arriving on the island, Anastasia wasted no time exploring the nation’s natural beauty. 

And luckily for fans, she documented the experience.

As Anastasia’s 1 million fans learned, the athlete always finds new activities and looks effortlessly flawless in the process.

Anastasia Ashley enjoys Jamaica with a refreshing beverage

Anastasia enjoyed a myriad of leisure activities, trying her hand at river rafting. 

She gave her fans a sneak peek into various rivers of Jamaica, with lush greenery and vibrant rivers.

However, Anastasia’s Jamaican vacation wasn’t just about adrenaline-pumping activities. The surfing superstar also enjoyed some simple moments of relaxation and rejuvenation. She also made use of Jamaica’s scenic backdrops, completing a photoshoot in mother nature.

Quenching her thirst after a day of activities, Anastasia grabbed a coconut for a tropical and refreshing beverage.

 Anastasia Ashley goes green for coconut show-off
Anastasia Ashley sipped from a coconut. Pic credit: @anastasiaashley/Instagram

Anastasia was a vision in a colorful cutout swimsuit with a beautiful shade of green. The athlete was fresh-faced and fabulous as she left an establishment with a coconut in her hand.

When Anastasia isn’t busy traveling the globe, you might find her promoting brands on her Instagram. As a notable figure, brands are dying to secure Anastasia’s influencing services.

Anastasia Ashley promotes Suja

As a professional surfer, Anastasia Ashley knows a thing or two about health. After all, she has to use her body to perform incredible stunts with ease.

Therefore, the surfer was a natural fit to promote Suja, a 2012-created business that provides healthy juices. Suja uses High-Pressure Processing to heat ingredients without losing their nutritional value.

Suja has expanded to powder supplements, launching the Organic Greens Powder, which retails for $79.99. The greens have 15 vitamins and minerals and promote digestion and immunity. 

In an IG video, Anastasia tried the greens and appeared to be a fan of the health supplement.

In her caption, Anastasia sang the praises of her Suja product.

She wrote, “COOL Girl GREENS ? @lovesuja Organic Greens Powder is convenient, tasty, and packed with benefits. The best way to power my day ?#sujaorganic, #sujagreenspowder, #sujapartner.”

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