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Anastasia Ashley hits the street in hot pink crop top and tiny checkered miniskirt

Anastasia Ashley in a bikini for business promotion
Anastasia Ashley is showing off her “land surfing” skills. Pic credit: @AnastasiaAshley/Instagram

Pro surfer Anastasia Ashley knows how to ride the perfect wave but recently, she shared an impressive video with fans where she was “land surfing” or rather, enjoying a good cruise down the street on a skateboard.

Anastasia wore a hot pink crop top and tiny checkered denim skirt for the street skate video, which was shared with her 1 million followers on Instagram.

Then, after showing off her incredible skateboard skills, the celebrated pro surfer swapped out her crop top and miniskirt for a tiny black bikini so she could enjoy some Starborough Wine on the beach.

Anastasia Ashley shows off sweet skateboard moves

Anastasia Ashley has already racked up thousands of likes for her “land surfing” video and is sure to add many more as fans watch her skilled moves in awe.

The 35-year-old surf star is tanned and toned in the video where she deftly maneuvers a skateboard along a strip of highway bordering the beach to give off a perfect vibe.

This isn’t the first time Anastasia has shared a skateboarding video with her fans. In fact, just a couple of weeks ago, she shared another similar video. That time, she sported a thong bikini for her wavy ride, showing off perfect form and amazing balance.

Anastasia Ashley reps Starborough Wine

As for sponsorships, Anastasia Ashley joins fellow pro surfer Alana Blanchard as a product ambassador for Starborough Wine.

She recently shared a video to support the ocean-loving brand that featured her getting beach-ready in a black string bikini so she could enjoy a nice glass of vino while watching the waves.

Pro surfers love Starborough Wine because of its commitment to helping save the ocean, a cause that is near and dear to their hearts. This particular wine brand is on a mission to save the reefs, bringing awareness to the plight of the coral reefs around the world and doing their part to help rebuild them.

Anastasia Ashley is also a proud partner of Celsius Fitness Drinks and shared photos of herself repping the tasty drink while rocking a white monokini emblazoned with their logo while holding onto her surfboard and getting ready to ride some waves.

It seems she’s a fan of the Arctic Vibe and strawberry lemonade varieties and has said that the fitness drink helps her to power through her workouts.

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