Ana Potapova says goodbye to Mexico after beach-filled vacation

Ana Potapova poses for a car selfie for her Instagram.
Tennis pro, Ana Potapova, looked stunning as she departed from a Mexico vacation. Pic credit: @anapotapovaa/Instagram

Ana Potapova stunned in a string bikini as she bid farewell to Mexico.

The 21-year-old professional Russian tennis player has spent the past few days enjoying the beaches of Cancun on her vacation. However, the trip came to end, warranting a “goodbye” from Potapova.

For her farewell picture, she posed on the ladder of a lifeguard stand. One hand clutched the wrung of the ladder while she raised the other high in the air.

Potapova donned a simple, white string bikini that showed off her tan lines and incredibly toned, athletic physique.

She chose to go barefoot and captured her sandy feet in the photo. Additionally, she wore a pair of round sunglasses over her eyes and a yellow band on her wrist.

Potapova captioned the photo, “Adios Mexico, till next time.”

Ana Potapova stunned for beach day pic

Potapova stunned in her bikini as she enjoyed one final beach day before heading home from Mexico.

Ana Potapova poses in a string bikini on the beach for Instagram.
Pic credit: @anapotapovaa/Instagram

Her Mexico trip occurred shortly after Potapova played in the Guadalajara Open Akron tennis tournament. Unfortunately, she failed to proceed to the second round after losing a match to Italy’s Elisabetta Cocciaretto.

Despite the loss, Potapova seemed to enjoy her post-tournament trip to Cancun.

She first started sharing snippets of her trip with her followers on October 24, 2022. Potapova shared a photo of her in her white bikini as she lay on the shore of a beach in Cancun amidst the receding waves.

She later posted a hilarious follow-up video of her struggling to pose while being knocked around by the waves. Potapova confirmed in her caption that she was “happy.”

In addition to enjoying her beach-filled trip, she also promised that she’d return to Mexico someday.

Potapova opened up on difficult work-life balance

Potapova’s trip to Mexico came just a few weeks after she opened up to about struggling with work-life balance during her tennis career.

Her professional tennis career started when she was just 15 years old. Now that she’s 21 and has been a pro tennis player for over half a decade, she’s starting to feel some of the effects of time.

While she is currently enjoying tennis, she didn’t exactly have that positive outlook going into 2022. Potapova admitted that she had a slow start to 2022 because she made the mistake of putting tennis on the backburner.

A shift in mindset and priorities took place as she took time off in 2020 due to the pandemic and ankle surgery. The lack of tennis practice during that period meant she experienced her first taste of free time.

Initially, this was a good thing as it led to her being refreshed for the 2021 season. However, when a bit of ankle pain returned, she used it as an excuse to put tennis on the backburner because, after experiencing a new lifestyle, tennis didn’t feel “special” anymore.

While she doesn’t regret the time she spent enjoying life, she does admit it was a mistake to push tennis to a lower priority. Fortunately, she confirmed that she is back in the right mindset and is enjoying tennis and practice while still finding time here and there for a beach trip.

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