Ana Cheri says ‘Happy Valentine’s’ in white spandex

Ana Cheri close up
Ana Cheri serves a Valentine’s look in spandex. Pic credit: @anacheri/Instagram

Ana Cheri was winning in white spandex for a Valentine’s Day post.

The model sported the two-piece spandex set that hugged her curves and allowed the camera to capture her toned abs. She paired the outfit with athletic white sneakers to further embrace the all-white look.

Ana held a single red rose in her hand as a prop in the photo shoot, which matched her red nails and provided a lovely pop of color to the image.

The brunette beauty accessorized her ensemble with a couple of rings, pearl earrings, and a simple necklace that held just one pearl as a bead.

Ana’s gorgeous brunette locks were left loose, flowing just past her shoulders in slight waves. Her makeup was lovely with glossed lips, rosy cheeks, and dark lashes.

The online star included in her caption, “Happy Valentines Day,” followed by a rose emoji.

Ana Cheri models for her activewear brand, Cheri Fit

Ana’s stunning post wasn’t only for Valentine’s Day, but it was also a promotion for her activewear brand, Cheri Fit.

The businesswoman tagged her brand at the end of her caption to let fans know about the incredible clothing line, which includes cute options like the one Ana modeled.

Ana is a skilled model with a passion for fitness that has culminated in her business, and she was the perfect option to model the look. She wore the set to its finest and shared it with her 12.7 million followers.

Cheri Fit is owned by Ana, and it’s meant to help complement any figure and increase confidence while working out.

Ana Cheri reveals the trick to gym consistency

Ana’s incredible physique led her to be a successful model, and she achieved this through hard work in the gym. It turns out she’s been harboring the real secret to gym consistency, and she recently shared it with her followers in a video.

The fitness model first showed off her image in a couple of gym mirrors before the video continued on to show off her impressive workout skills with leg and arm work. Meanwhile, the voiceover held the true secret to succeeding in the gym.

The voiceover stated, “If you want to be consistent in the gym, the trick is to wear cute gym clothes. I did, and now I have a badonkadonk.”

She tagged Cheri Fit in the video so that her followers could go test the theory out with some new, cute options.

Her caption outlined her logic perfectly with the equation, “Cute Gym Clothes = Motivation = Booty Gains.”

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