Ana Cheri is ready for spring as she has fun with flowers

Ana Cheri selfie
Ana Cheri celebrated the start of spring with a floral photo shoot. Pic credit: @anacheri/Instagram

Ana Cheri added a touch of spring to her life recently as she welcomed in the new season with open arms and apparently a bouquet full of flowers.

The fitness influencer with one of the most enviable figures around posed in an adorable photo shoot with lots of white and floral hues as she was clearly done with winter.

She went topless for the occasion but made sure to cover up with a couple of bouquets of pretty purple daisies and wore white see-through pants that were also covered with the seasonal favorite flower.

Her white underwear was visible beneath and emphasized her incredible curves as she jutted out her hip at a flattering angle.

She looked at the camera with her arm back and appeared to smile slightly in a flirty way as she posed in front of a white background.

The brunette bombshell left her dark hair falling to one side in romantic waves and kept her makeup light and pink for the occasion.

She shared three other photos in similar poses including one that featured a white corset top.

She wrote in the caption, “SuperBlooming ?.”

Ana Cheri celebrated the Spring Equinox with bouquets of flowers

The fitness phenom is just as excited about spring as the rest of the world as she posted a similar sentiment just a couple of days before.

In a selfie posted to her Instagram, Ana wore a floral-printed white corset that featured a lace trim with a bow in the middle. She added a casual vibe with a denim jacket and a short white skirt.

She carried a big bouquet of pink roses in case her followers weren’t aware of what the post was celebrating.

In her caption she excitedly talked about the new season, writing, “Spring Equinox brings a perfect balance of day and night, reminding us that beauty and happiness exist in harmony. Let the season of growth and renewal bring joy to your heart and a smile to your face.”

So, she was clearly feeling all light and airy for the start of the warmer months.

Ana is the founder of her own activewear line Cheri Fit

With her 12.6 million Instagram followers the fitness phenom is clearly at a place where she’s successful enough to start her own business, and that’s exactly what she did.

Ana is the founder of Cheri Fit, an activewear line with leggings that offer a seamless lift in the back giving an entirely flattering shape to the person wearing them. They also have shorts, crop tops, and a few accessories.

Also on the site are e-books with challenges created by Ana, including the 8-Week Booty Challenge, and a 12-week HIIT Program.

Keep an eye on Ana’s Instagram page for future content as well as new launches on her Cheri Fit website.

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