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Amy Schumer ‘can’t stop dancing’ topless while showing off her ‘bad tattoo’

Amy Schumer at the I Feel Pretty premiere
Amy Schumer showed off her dance moves and lower-back tattoo in a recent topless video. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

With multiple exciting events and projects on the way, actress Amy Schumer showed off her “happy” dance — while topless — on her Instagram yesterday.

The Growing comedian posted a topless video wearing only black underwear, where the videographer shot her dancing from behind.

The video revealed Schumer’s “tramp stamp” tattoo, which she even mocked in the caption.

Schumer had a fitting for the Oscars and her new Hulu show

In the video, the I Feel Pretty star was attending a fitting for some exciting events for which she will need new outfits.

“Oscar and @lifeandbethhulu fitting. Can’t stop dancing. #badtattoo #baddancing,” she wrote in the caption.

The video also showed a woman in the background, sifting through different dresses and holding up one covered in bright pink sparkles.

Amy Schumer is one of three Academy Awards hosts this year

The first event Schumer mentioned in her dancing video was this year’s Oscars. For the 94th annual Academy Awards on Sunday, March 27th, Schumer will be one of the three hosts to take the stage and lead the night.

Joining her are actress and comedian Wanda Sykes and actress Regina Hall. The Academy first announced the award show’s trifecta to their Instagram feed on February 15, where fans showed their excitement over the three hilarious leading ladies.

In a recent interview on the morning show Good Morning America, Schumer was asked why she said yes to hosting after rejecting the offer for many years prior.

Schumer responded quickly in her classic comedic fashion – “the money.”

After all-around laughs, she continued, “I just feel like we’re coming out of this pandemic and I think we all have this new lease on life, and I’m like, I wanna host the Oscars! I wanna perform, I feel like telling jokes and getting to do it with Wanda and Regina is beyond my wildest dreams.”

Schumer claimed that the three are “trouble makers” and are having a lot of fun together. “I just think of them as such comedy royalty, and you don’t know how things like that are gonna gel,” she said.

The three actresses showed how well they play off each other’s humor in a recent Oscars promotional video. The three joked about how they have to do a better job than last years’ host – even though there hasn’t been a host for the past three years.

“Boom, we’re already winning – we’re nailing it,” the three joked as they recognized their leg-up in the hosting competition.

Schumer on her new Hulu series Life & Beth

The second event the comedian mentioned was her latest Hulu comedy series, Life & Beth. The series is set to make its full release on the streaming platform this Friday, March 18th.

The series, which stars Schumer, tells the story of a woman who confronts her teenage traumas as a way to move forward with her currently “stuck” life. After an unexpected incident, Schumer’s character Beth starts to have flashbacks that lead her to the realization of who she wishes to become.

“I can definitely relate to that, and it’s made me be more empathetic to myself as a teen and also becoming a mom now, I’m a lot more empathetic to my mom,” Schumer said in the same GMA interview.

With a night leading the Academy Awards and a new comedy series on the way, it’s no wonder Schumer is “happy dancing” while getting fitted for her future red carpets.

Life & Beth premiers on Hulu Friday, March 18.

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