Amy Robach, T.J. Holmes seen flirting in a resurfaced viral video

Amy Robach featured image
Amy Robach pictured attending the 49th Daytime Emmys Awards. Pic credit: ©

Resurfaced clips of Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes flirting has been making the rounds on social media after their affair was revealed.

GMA3: What You Need to Know co-anchors Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes have been suspended pending an internal review, according to the ABC News president.

It was initially believed the television hosts were not to be disciplined and returned to air shortly after news broke about their romance.

The pair has remained silent, but a source claimed Robach was going to announce her divorce from her husband, Andrew Shue.

A viral clip of the pair resurfaced on social media earlier this month and has clocked over 7 million views due to the seeming sexual innuendos between the pair.

Holmes relaxed on a couch next to Robach as the pair talked about their training for the New York City Half Marathon.

After revealing that they have been training together, Holmes said that will run behind Roback because she is the one to set the pace.

He then asked her, “If you are the pacer, does that make me the pacee?” to which the 49-year-old responded, “Yes. But we’re going to both be finishers. That’s what counts.”

Holmes appeared surprised by the seemingly flirtatious answer as he widened his eyes and looked sideways before he sat up to adjust himself.

Robach then playfully shoved Holmes before the pair began laughing.

T.J Holmes said Amy Robach was texting him during his vacation

A TikTok video shows clips of the pair on-air together, which appears to be them flirting with hindsight.

In one of the clips, Holmes revealed that Robach was texting him during his vacation.

The video insinuates that they were having “a lovers’ quarrel” when the 45-year-old teased Robach for enjoying co-hosting with Darien Sutton while he was on vacation in Florida.

“I was gone just a couple of days. I kept getting messages from her,” Holmes said as Robach burst into laughter.

“‘Take your time’ is what I read,” he joked as Robach denied sending it before he turned to Sutton, saying, “You know Dr. Sutton is gone after today, right?”

In the other clips in the TikTok video, the pair were seen dancing as Holmes seemingly backed up toward her.

T.J Holmes and Amy Robach are pictured together putting on a united front

The GMA co-anchors have gone public with their romance as they were pictured walking arm-in-arm after grabbing lunch in NYC in photos published by The Daily Mail.

The publication writes that the pair left Holmes’s Financial District apartment building to grab lunch at The Capital Grille close by before returning to his home.

The pair have not made a public statement about their romance but are no longer keeping a low profile as an investigation into their alleged affair continues.

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