Amy Duggar King pregnant: When is the Duggar cousin due?

Amy Duggar King during a 19 Kids and Counting confessional
Amy Duggar King is expecting her first child in October. Pic credit: TLC

Amy Duggar King has talked about being a mom since tying the knot back in 2015. It was one thing she has always wanted and now, she will get the chance to realize her dream in 2019.

Earlier today, Amy Duggar King shared a photo featuring herself and her husband, Dillon King holding gold balloons that spell baby. A pregnancy announcement on Easter was picture-perfect for the couple.

When is Amy Duggar King due?

Baby King is on the way and both Amy Duggar King and Dillon King are excited. The couple has been asked about when they’d be starting a family for years and now, they have an answer.

According to People, Amy Duggar King is due in October 2019. She is likely around the 12-week mark because she has already announced the pregnancy. Typically, people wait until at least then to reveal anything to make sure the risk of a miscarriage has mostly passed.

What has Amy King Duggar been up to?

It has been a while since Counting On viewers have seen Amy Duggar King on reality television. She was an aspiring country music singer back then and now, she is headed in a totally different direction.

Currently, she opened up her own clothing boutique, which her cousins often share things about on social media. Amy Duggar King runs 3130, which appears to be successful on Instagram. She has put her heart into this venture and it looks like it’s working in her favor.

As followers wait and watch Amy Duggar King’s pregnancy journey, two other Duggar family members will be born this year. Jessa Duggar is due at the beginning of June and Kendra Caldwell just announced she was expecting her second child.

Let the Duggar baby boom countdown begin!

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