Dr. Amsu Anpu or Kevin Cornelius Emmons: Who is 21 Savage’s father?

21 Savage
21 Savage in the video for his hit song “a lot”. Pic credit: 21 Savage/YouTube

The mystery behind Atlanta-based rapper 21 Savage’s birth deepens after his alleged father was reported to be a British holistic doctor named Amsu Anpu. However, the Bank Account rapper’s alleged birth certificate name’s Kevin Cornelius Emmons as the father.  

Rapper 21 Savage was arrested on February 3 by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, who claim that he has been in the U.S illegally since July 2005. His birth certificate reportedly shows the rapper’s real name is Sheyaa Bin Abraham, and that he was born in London, England and moved to the Atlanta at age 12. 


The birth certificate also lists Abraham’s mother as Heather Carmilla Joseph and his father as Kevin Cornelius Emmons. However, many believe Dr. Amsu Anpu to be 21 Savage’s father — after a string of posts on the holistic doctor’s Instagram which appear to suggest the rapper is his son.

It is unclear whether Kevin Cornelius Emmons may have changed his name to Dr. Amsu Anpu, or there is a discrepancy on the alleged birth certificate.  

There are several Instagram photos on Dr Amsu’s page featuring the rapper dating back several years. 

Dr Amsu appeared on the New-York based radio show The Breakfast Club in 2017 to discuss Diabetes Awareness Month, and showed him to have a British accent. 21 Savage has also appeared on the radio show twice, including a recent interview in December 2018.

21 Savage appears in several apparent family photos on Dr Amsu’s Instagram account, with the doctor appearing to have publicly celebrated his alleged son’s accomplishments as he rose to become one of the most prominent Hip Hop artists in the world. 

In another Instagram post, which shows 21 Savage with Post Malone after the duo won an award for their No.1 record Rockstar, Dr Amsu describes himself as a proud father.

He also yesterday put up a new post urging people to sign a petition to stop 21 Savage being deported.

Meanwhile, Kevin Emmons’ personal Facebook page also has a string of posts about 21 Savage describing him as his son:

21 Savage has never claimed to have been born in Atlanta and was previously believed to be from Dominica. His arrest came two days after he released the video for his hit song “a lot” featuring J. Cole.

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