American Pickers’ Danielle Colby stuns in her bathtub for tattoo show off

Danielle Colby stuns in bathtub.
Danielle Colby shows off her beautiful tattoos. Pic credit: @daniellecolbyamericanpicker/Instagram

Danielle Colby looked stunning as she elegantly posed in her freestanding bathtub.

The American Pickers star certainly turned some heads, and this time it wasn’t because of a rare artifact or national treasure found on her show.

Instead, Danielle shocked fans with a breathtaking picture she uploaded to social media.

The 46-year-old TV star shared the extra special photograph with her 256K followers.

Danielle looked gorgeous as she sported various vibrant colors and eye-catching jewelry.

The American Pickers star certainly knows how to put on a show.

Danielle Colby stuns in her bathtub

Danielle undoubtedly lured in many wondering eyes with her latest share as she captivated her fans with her gorgeous smile alone.

The reality TV star was captured in her luxurious, white freestanding tub as she sat inside with her arms gently crossed.

Her gorgeous assortment of tattoos made an appearance, as they certainly added to the overall aesthetic of the photo.

Danielle wore a beautiful, bright red ruffled dress that elegantly flowed behind her in the tub. The dress was strapless, leaving her shoulders and chest uncovered, giving her tattoos some time to shine.

She styled the dress with a stunning red and white striped scarf wrapped around her head as the rest flowed down behind her and along her back.

For accessories, she rocked a huge, multi-colored bib necklace that featured a variety of charms. She then added a pair of matching multi-colored earrings that featured a ball at the top and a purple heel charm that hung down from it.

Danielle’s makeup perfectly fit the scenery and added that extra vibrant flair. She finished the look with a bold red eyeshadow across her lids and paired it with a thick line of eyeliner to give the eyes a smokey look. She then added a splash of blush and bronzer to her cheeks and completed the electrifying look with a deep red glossy lip.

Danielle Colby performs with Sio Bast for a Burlesque show

Danielle and her friend Sio Bast put on an epic performance as they stunned in their beautiful attire for the burlesque event that they titled Obscura.

The American Pickers star has enjoyed spending her time as a burlesque performer for many years.

In a recent post, the star was kind enough to share some outfit arrangements as she glammed up in a glitzy bikini top and shimmering, high-waisted shorts.

She paired the glitzy attire with fishnet stockings and a black crown.

Danielle effortlessly glowed in the shot captured as she prepared for her big night.

Fans fully supported the TV star’s recent endeavors, as the post secured over 4K likes.

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29 days ago

She could be very attractive,if it wasn’t for all the stupid tattoos.

28 days ago
Reply to  David

Exactly 💯!

You couldn’t be more RIGHT if you turned LEFT!

Todd Sheets
Todd Sheets
27 days ago
Reply to  David

Are you doing a bit?