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Amelia Gray walks NYC in tiny black bikini

Amelia Gray Hamlin
Amelia Gray Hamlin is strutting New York City in her delicates. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Amelia Gray Hamlin celebrated her birthday earlier this summer in the big city but now it’s back to work, even if her work day looks a bit different from most.

The daughter of Lisa Rinna is enjoying her life and work in New York after moving to the city toward the end of last year.

She often wears “I Heart New York” clothes and shares the common phrase in some of her posts’ captions.

Her most recent bout of loving New York comes after a day at the office spent outside in a letterman jacket and a black bikini.

She first shared a shot of the unique look as she appeared to be waiting at a crosswalk with her earbuds in as she gazed away from the camera.

However, she shared another shot later of her crossing that crosswalk in the near-iconic fit.

Amelia Gray in black bikini loves New York

Choosing to share the look via Instagram Stories, which expire after 24 hours, Amelia looked like a true New York native as she bustled across the crosswalk.

The outfit consisted of a letterman jacket and matching baseball cap, a black bikini, and some black sneakers paired with white socks.

Amelia Gray's Instagram Story featuring her walking on the crosswalk
Pic credit: @ameliagray/Instagram

Behind Amelia was a busy and trafficked street of New York, and just to the right of herself, she wrote, “I [white heart emoji] NYC,” once again declaring her love for the city she now calls home as she grows her modeling career.

Amelia Gray found herself through modeling

Though she’s found her way now and loving her life in the Big Apple, Amelia didn’t always feel like she knew what she was doing or where she was going in her life.

In 2017, she entered the modeling world and spoke to W Magazine about what it was like seeing her sister Delilah modeling while she wasn’t.

She admitted that it was hard to see Delilah get signed, “Because I didn’t know what I wanted to do, all I knew was that my older sister was doing stuff and I wasn’t.”

She added that she felt a little lost until she finally realized that the one thing she wanted to do above all else was model.

With her big sister Delilah already in the game, Amelia was able to learn a little by watching her. She said that it’s “important it is to let your personality shine and always have manners and respect every single person on set.”

She also noted that sometimes it’s difficult and she has a lot of respect for models. However, Delilah and Amelia are a bit too different for Delilah to offer her little sister much advice, but Amelia’s having no problem working it out on her own.