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Amelia Gray reveals ripped physique as she poses in bikini in public

Amelia Gray Hamlin
Amelia Gray is taking her office to the streets of New York in a black bikini. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Amelia Gray left sunny Los Angeles for the busy streets of New York City, but she seems to be fitting in swimmingly.

Being born to former soap actress and reality television star Lisa Rinna and actor Harry Hamlin, it makes sense that Amelia is making waves as an up-and-rising celebrity herself.

Rather than taking roles on the big screen, she followed in her big sister Delilah’s footsteps and pursued modeling instead.

Plenty of models spend time living in New York, such as Emily Ratajkowski and Helena Christensen, so it’s not a surprise that Amelia wanted to get over to the Big Apple.

Some say that it’s impossible to tell what you’ll see on the streets of New York, as the large number of people can result in strange things, and sometimes modeling is no different.

For work today, Amelia took to the streets of New York to showcase a revealing string bikini look, though she did shield herself from the summer sun with a jacket.

Amelia Gray Hamlin goes public in tiny black bikini

Amelia’s city-slicker outfit was not the usual get-up anyone would see walking down the street.

The 21-year-old model wore a black letterman jacket despite the August heat, but she was ready to cool off in other ways.

Shading her face with a baseball cap, Amelia had a stoic expression, her eyes framed with minimal black eye makeup and her lips colored a shade of blush pink.

The rest of her outfit was slim: A tiny black bikini with white ribboning and a pair of headphones plugged into her phone as she waited.

Amelia Gray in black bikini in public picture from her Instagram Stories
Pic credit: @ameliagray/Instagram

Though it’s far from normal for most of us, Amelia jokingly wrote, “just a normal day at the office.”

Amelia Gray Hamlin loves living in New York

Although she’s living on the opposite side of the country from her family, Amelia seems to be adjusting well to New York and doesn’t appear to be leaving the city any time soon. The model frequently shares her love for the city via her wardrobe and Instagram captions.

She moved to NY toward the end of 2021, and by the end of December, considered it a true home, as she wrote on Instagram that she would never be leaving the city.

While reflecting on the year, she noted, “The year that i went to new york and never left.” She also said it was “the year of the bleached brow” but hasn’t revealed if the bleached eyebrows are staying or leaving.

Right now, it looks like the bleached brows are here to stay, but in a world with eyebrow filler, Amelia will surely be fine with the daring look.