Amelia Gray nude in bath wants one thing

Amelia Gray's face up close.
Amelia Gray’s face. Pic credit: @ameliagray/Instagram

Keeping up with Amelia Gray is enjoyable for her fans since she’s an interesting and gorgeous starlet on the rise.

She might be Lisa Rinna‘s daughter, but she’s been paving her own way in the entertainment industry and creating a brand new reputation for herself.

While some people might think it’s a little too edgy to pose nude in a bathtub, Amelia appears to be comfortable pushing those boundaries.

She shared an intimate photo series in a bathtub, letting her fans know about the one thing she was wishing for at the moment.

Since Amelia made sure not to reveal the most intimate parts of her body, she certainly didn’t cross any lines or break any community guidelines.

Her fierce look in her latest nude bathtub pictures is a stark reminder of why she’s done so well in the modeling industry so far.

Amelia Gray’s nude bath time pics are stunning

Amelia ditched all of her clothing to pose in her bathtub before sharing the pictures on social media. In all of the pics, her long dark hair is wet and slicked back out of her face.

She kept her makeup at a minimum, likely not wearing anything other than a natural shade of lipstick. An interesting detail to note about Amelia’s photos is that her eyebrows have been totally bleached away.

Based on her last several social media posts, her eyebrows have been bleached for quite some time. It’s not every day that someone can pull off bleached brows, but it’s something that makes Amelia look even more chic and sophisticated.

Another star who recently went for bleached eyebrows is Kylie Jenner. Did one of the beauties gain inspiration from the other?

Amelia’s caption had her followers believing that the only thing missing in her bath was a rubber duckie.

Amelia Gray’s eyebrows haven’t always been bleached

In a gorgeous selfie that Amelia posted during the spring, her eyebrows were totally visible and in place.

Despite the fact that Amelia looks incredibly high-fashion and tasteful with her bleached brows, she also looked dazzling when they were visible on her face.

In the beautiful selfie, she wore a red tank top with thin spaghetti straps over her shoulders. Her collar bones, upper chest, and neck were in plain sight to see.

She wore her hair teased and puffy to create somewhat of an old-fashioned beauty queen feel. Her hair was so high on her head, it was reminiscent of the way Lana Del Rey wore her hair back in 2012 when she released her first album.

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