Amelia Gray gets in the Christmas mood with a sultry dance on a giant candy cane

Amelia Gray close up
Amelia Gray sizzled in pink lingerie. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Well, that’s one way to celebrate the holidays. Amelia Gray showed off her famous figure while rocking around a giant candy cane to promote Alexander Wang bodywear.

The 21-year-old California girl wore a skintight pink crop top with matching undies as she seductively wrapped her body around the prop.

Oh, and it would be a crime not to talk about her amazing pink-heeled boots, which traveled up to her knee with whimsical feathers around the top.

Despite taking a moment to giggle at the outrageous nature of the shoot, she seamlessly snapped right back into model mode.

Adding even more drama to the feature, Amelia indulged in a red lollipop while her raven-colored locks blew in the breeze.

“Rly out here gettin in the xmas mood 2day,” the post read.

Amelia Gray sizzled in revealing black ensemble with new arm candy

Amelia showed some skin to highlight her new “arm candy,” a chic black bag by French fashion designer Isabel Marant

The famous daughter of Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin could be seen wearing a cropped black jacket that showed off her sculpted physique as she held the purse in the foreground.

Amelia loves to keep it funky and exciting in her photos, which was evident in her growling facial expression and sharply penciled eyebrows.

She also played around with how she exhibited the purse, holding it overhead and even peeking through the strap hole.

Amelia Gray showed off killer core during photo shoot for Maison Margiela x Reebok TZ Pump Deadstock

Amelia recently collaborated with Reebok to promote the new Maison Margiela x Reebok TZ Pump Deadstock, modeling a pair of the high-top sneakers in an apartment hallway.

The brunette beauty paired the sporty shoes with a cropped black and white striped top and a flowy black skirt, with just enough space in between for followers to gawk at her toned tummy.

Known for her bold styling selections, Amelia was the perfect fit for the edgy Reebok campaign, always bringing something totally unexpected to each shoot.

She captioned the promotional share, “Pump it @maisonmargiela @reebok @sun.ny.sideup TZ pump Deadstock.”

Amelia sat down with V magazine earlier this year to talk about her move to New York City, saying, “Coming here, I realized that I didn’t want to go back to the place that kept me in a confined box. I’ve realized that no box really defines me and that’s okay. I like that, I like being original.” 

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