Amanda Seyfried in sheer top and bikini bottoms relaxes on a pier

Amanda Seyfried at the gala
Amanda Seyfried at The Best Friends Animal Society’s Gala in New York City. Pic credit:©

Amanda Seyfried is clearly a fan of enjoying her time in the sun. The Drop Out star shared a stunning picture of herself by the pier on Tuesday afternoon. 

While most people are finding fall attire for the weather, Amanda decided to go a different route, wearing a romantic ruffled blouse with a sheer look to combat the heat.  

She paired the cropped blouse with a tiny low-rise bikini to show off her toned physique.  

While fans are used to Amanda Seyfried dolled up (especially after her Emmy Award win), she opted for a simple look with light makeup and minimal accessories. 

It’s easy to think this photo is just Amanda on her day off; however, she hints to her followers that this is more than just a cute vacation photo.  

The mother of two tagged Porter Magazine in her Instagram Story post. It’s clear that this isn’t just a regular photo but possibly a sneak peek at an upcoming photoshoot with the prestigious magazine.  

Amanda Seyfried at the pier
Amanda Seyfried seen lounging by the pier. Pic credit: Mingy/Instagram

Amanda Seyfried’s huge Emmy Award win 

Even if this was just a leisurely picture, if anyone deserved it, it would be Amanda Seyfried. She recently won an Emmy for best actress in a limited series or TV movie for the hit Hulu series The Dropout.  

In the role, Amanda plays Elizabeth Holmes, the ambitious but later disgraced CEO of the company Theranos. The role was not an easy one to play. She explained during her backstage interview that it took a lot of work to shake off that character. 

“You have to dilute yourself to a point as an actor. I had to dilute myself more than normal because I’m playing somebody I don’t necessarily agree with, but I had to have as much compassion for her as anybody in order to embody this person,” she explained to reporters.

She added, “I think I just had been done. I had never played somebody that long. For four and a half months of my life, every single day, I gave it all to this job and I was just done. The trial was happening. I was just like, ‘I gotta throw her away.’ I didn’t do the voice for two months until my doorman was like, ‘Can you do the voice?’ And I was like, ‘Sure, Dave. I’ll do the voice. Only for you.'” 

Amanda Seyfried never changes her weight for her roles  

It’s not uncommon for actors to change their weight for a movie. Celebrities have been known to undergo drastic changes to fit the character they are playing. However, this is one acting method that Amanda disagrees with.  

In a tweet, she admitted that staying her current weight almost negatively aff

Amanda Seyfried's tweet reading: "Fun fact: I almost lost out on several roles in my career because I was overweight. Wrong, America."
Pic credit: @AmandaSeyfried/Twitter

Regardless of the casting people she dealt with, Amanda Seyfried seems to be comfortable with her body. In an interview with Self, she shared her words of wisdom.  

“Moderation is key. You can change your body to an extent, but if it’s taking all the time out of your day and taking up all your thoughts, what’s the point?” 

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