Amanda Holden shows off her Cleopatra for latest ‘dress up day’

tv personality amanda holden stuns as cleopatra for dress up day
Amanda Holden appears at a Gala performance of Cinderella to support The Malala Fund at the Gillian Lynne Theatre in London. Pic credit: © Mitchell /Landmark Media

Amanda Holden played “dress up day,” albeit with little to no clothing visible in her latest photo, which she revealed to fans.

The 51-year-old television personality looked incredible as she posed in a bathtub with a dripping-wet look and portions of an iconic costume visible.

While she appeared to have no clothes on in the image, she wore a black wig with gold and turquoise beads braided in it.

Her makeup added to the gorgeous look, with Holden wearing winged eyeliner resembling a style from ancient Egypt and a glossy pink lip.

She kept a bare knee bent in the shot and clutched the side of the tub with one arm as she gazed at something off-camera. Some of Holden’s toned arms and shoulders were visible to viewers, along with a very thin bracelet on her wrist.

Tiny flame lights were also visible on the lower side of the bathtub, with many candles lit nearby, creating a beautiful scene. She shared the photo on her official Instagram, where she has 1.8 million followers.

“Dress up day again,” Holden wrote in her caption, prompting fans to give likes and comments.

Holden didn’t indicate if the costume was for anything particular, but she included multiple tags on the photo. Among them were Sky TV, OneTribe TV, and History UK, so it’s possible she was trying to get the attention of a network or already working on something.

Holden’s other tags gave credit to those who helped with the stunning look, including stylist and hairdresser Anna Winterburn as well as celebrity makeup artist Bryony Blake.

Fans react to Amanda Holden as Cleopatra

The latest photo share from Amanda Holden grabbed the attention of her fans and followers, as it racked up numerous comments reacting to the Cleopatra look. Many individuals praised the stunning TV star for the visual.

“You look Amazing,” one fan said, with another suggesting that Holden surpasses Cleopatra as a “symbol of beauty.” Yet another fan simply wrote, “SLAY,” as their endorsement of Holden’s look.

fans comment about amanda holden as cleopatra
Pic credit: @noholdenback/Instagram

“She’s stunning, but she’s no Elizabeth Taylor is she,” a fan asked in the comments, including a heart emoji.

fan comments about amanda holden cleopatra
Pic credit: @noholdenback/Instagram

Amanda Holden models bikinis in Italy

Amanda turned 51 this year, but she still manages to look incredible and totally kills it in a bikini. Earlier this year, the TV star was hanging out in Sicily, Italy, in a gorgeous white bikini.

She posted a pic to Instagram showing herself modeling the bikini in a stone entranceway. She looked slim and gorgeous as she accessorized with sunglasses, a straw hat, sandals, and some gold jewelry around her neck and on her wrists. Her hair was styled up in a bun.

In the caption, Amanda wrote about her love for Italy and referenced a classic movie, “Hats off to #Sicilly #Theitalianjob I love it here ??❤️”

While in Sicily, Amanda also sported a yellow bikini, as shown in a short video she posted as she walked down the beach.

She looked stunning as she went for a dip in the sea.

Holden’s fitness doesn’t include gym or diets

As a judge on Britain’s Got Talent, Holden is known for serving up jaw-dropping looks, and she always appears in fantastic shape.

However, she isn’t someone you’ll find working out at the gym. Instead, she uses different means of staying fit.

“I like to keep active,” she said, per Hello Magazine. “But I can’t stand gyms. I like to run for an hour a week, as I feel great afterward. It’s also time to myself, which is worth its weight in gold.” 

Holden also doesn’t do the dieting thing either, indicating she’d prefer to “enjoy life.”

“I eat everything. Drink everything. I had a friend once who didn’t make it to her 50s and her biggest regret was she spent her life on a diet. I don’t diet,” Holden said.

Amanda Holden in casual clothes
Amanda Holden likes to keep active, but she doesn’t like diets. Pic credit: © Mayhew/Landmark Media

She continues to shine as a reality competition show judge, radio host, and mother of two. Yoga, cold water dips, and drinking a lot of water are also helpful parts of her health routine to keep the 51-year-old TV star looking incredible.

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