Amanda Bynes reveals face tattoo removal plans as she works to end conservatorship

Amanda Bynes on Instagram
Amanda Bynes has posted a video on Instagram to announce the removal of her face tattoo. Pic credit:@amanda.bynes1986/Instagram

A new Instagram account, a new hair color, AND a tattoo removal? Amanda Bynes has surely been showing off her latest changes to her social media feed over the past few days.

The All That, 90’s breakout star created a new Instagram account three days ago under the handle @amanda.bynes1986 shortly after the news regarding the end of her conservatorship. Since welcoming her followers to her new page, she has proceeded to post a few more videos with new announcements.

Bynes is saying ‘goodbye’ to her heart-shaped face tattoo

The former actress posted a video to her feed to show off the progress of her heart-shaped tattoo removal. She slowly zoomed in to reveal the now-faded heart tattoo, which is located on her left cheek just underneath her eye.

Bynes also showed off her red lipstick, clear-framed glasses, and a septum piercing in the video.

“tattoo removal process…” Bynes wrote, documenting the steps it takes to fully remove a tattoo.

Bynes first showed off her face tattoo back in 2019 shortly after leaving a sober living facility. She posted on her then-Instagram account to show off her new ink, with a simple “alien face” emoji as the caption.

The Easy A actress has also been showing off other transformations via the social platform, including her change in hair color. In her first video to the new account, she appeared to have dark brown/black colored roots that faded into a more silver-tone at the ends. However, in her latest video, Bynes showed that she removed the two-toned color by writing, “bye bye ombré hair !”

Bynes makes physical changes right before trial for conservatorship

The tattoo removal and hair transformation seem to come at an important time in Bynes’s life — just weeks before her March 22nd court date to end her current conservatorship.

Amanda Bynes is currently in conservatorship under her mother, Lynn Bynes. Page Six confirmed that Bynes has filed official court documents to end the conservatorship after nearly nine years. The actress submitted a petition to the Ventura County Superior Court and now has a hearing set for the end of March.

Bynes was put on an involuntary psychiatric hold at the age of 27 after a series of inappropriate and unsafe events. However, after years of back-and-forth progress, she has shown growth through her recent successes — including graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in 2019.

Now, at age 35, Bynes is officially turning over a new leaf. She has taken to Instagram to thank her fans for all of their love and support regarding her conservatorship.

Is this the new Amanda Bynes? The end of the conservatorship for the child star may not only mean new physical changes, but also a new direction in life. One thing’s for sure, she won’t sport a heart-shaped face tattoo along the way.

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Disgruntled werewolf
Disgruntled werewolf
1 year ago

Replacing a heart tattoo with a cow ring in her nose is hardly an upgrade. She is still nutty as a fruitcake.