Amanda Bynes announces end of new podcast then changes her mind hours later

Amanda Bynes at the 16th Annual Race To Erase MS Gala
Amanda Bynes shares an update about her podcast. © s_bukley

Amanda Bynes recently released the first episode of her new podcast with her co-host Paul Sieminski and their first guest, tattoo artist Dahlia Moth.

However, shortly after, the actress took to social media to announce that it would be on pause for an unknown period because she could not get the kind of guests she had hoped for.

She named Drake, Post Malone, and Jack Harlow as her ideal guests and told her followers that the podcast might return one day if she can get that caliber of people.

However, after getting some rest a few hours later, things changed completely, and Amanda took to social media again with an update.

She confessed to feeling “really sad” about her decision, and after getting advice from her friends, she has decided to keep going.

Now the podcast is back on track, and Amanda and Paul are set to film a new episode in a few days.

Amanda Bynes announces indefinite pause on her new podcast

The Hairspray actress shared a surprising video message with her TikTok followers regarding her new podcast, which has aired one episode so far.

“Even though the podcast is doing really well and the response has been great, I am going to take a pause on it for now,” said Amanda.

She explained, “We’re not able to get the type of guest that I’d like on the show like, say, Jack Harlow, Drake, or Post Malone.”

Amanda said that if they can get those types of guests for the podcast, then “maybe one day” they’ll resume.

Before ending the short video, she thanked the viewers and said, “I hope you enjoyed it.”

Amanda Bynes says her podcast is back on after getting advice from her friends

Amanda shared another video hours later and reversed her decision to pause the podcast.

“I felt really sad, and I was like in a really bad mood because the podcast was actually something that I was looking forward to filming next week,” she said.

“I talked to a few friends, and they all said to keep going, so we’re going to continue the podcast.”


Been a super long day. Instagram is my primary guys. I won’t always upload what I post on there on here. Thank you ♡

♬ original sound – Amanda B.

The 37-year-old reasoned that the podcast needs time to grow, and she acknowledged, “I shouldn’t have said what I said last night about not getting the type of guest that we were looking forward to getting.”

Amanda revealed that they have some great guests lined up and that she was “really looking forward to filming the next episode.”

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