Alyssa Scott shares sexy pregnancy photo shoot with baby daddy Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon at Skid Row Mission Christmas celebration
Alyssa Scott and baby daddy Nick Cannon pose for some sexy maternity pics as they welcome a baby. Pic credit: © FS/AdMedia

Alyssa Scott recently announced in October that she is welcoming her second baby with Wild N Out host Nick Cannon. The baby is due in December.

Nick Cannon is certainly no stranger to pregnancies and maternity photo shoots. He has fathered ten kids so far and has two more on the way. So, there was no surprise when Alyssa posted pictures of herself and her baby daddy on Instagram to her 273k followers.

In the black and white photo, Nick and Alyssa are in a bathtub with a big picture window behind them. Alyssa is wearing a towel wrapped on her head and hoop earrings.

She’s smiling while looking down at Nick holding and kissing her bare belly. Her hands are covering her chest.

Alyssa has suds on her lower back. She is also wearing a metal bracelet.

In another posted photo, the pair are in the same bathtub, but this time the picture is in color. Alyssa is standing over Nick, while he holds her belly from below.

The tragic loss of Alyssa Scott and Nick Cannon’s son

Alyssa and Nick welcomed baby Zen Cannon in June 2021. Zen tragically passed away just five months later in December.

Zen was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer in August 2021. In an exclusive interview with People, Nick said that days after Zen’s birth, he and Alyssa began to worry when Zen’s breathing patterns seemed off.

A few weeks later, doctors determined that Zen’s head was “growing a little too quickly.”

Zen was then diagnosed with high-grade glioma, and despite efforts and treatment, Zen’s tumors continued growing.

After discussing various treatments, Alyssa and Nick reluctantly chose to skip more invasive and possibly painful treatments and allow Zen to be “as happy as he could possibly be.”

Zen took a turn for the worse around Thanksgiving and had his parents by his side when he took his last breath in December.

Nick Cannon’s got to stay fit to be a dad

With so many children, Nick Cannon must stay in shape. Recently, the 42-year-old’s personal trainer, Eric Smalls, posted a video on his Instagram page, showing Nick doing an intense workout showing how he stays fit.

Captioned, “Hard work always pays off ???,” with the hashtags #confusedmuscles and #nickcannon, the video shows Nick doing some strength training. In several of the shots, you can see Nick holding up his entire body with his hands only.

Nick’s workout is amazing, considering his previous health issues. He was diagnosed with lupus nephritis, an autoimmune disease that affects, but is not limited to, the joints, skin, brain, lungs, kidneys, and blood vessels. He shared his diagnosis in 2014 to spread awareness and spoke about the lifestyle changes he made to get healthier.

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