Alyssa Milano stuns in open leather throwback

Alyssa Milano selfie
Alyssa Milano stuns in leather. Pic credit: @milano_alyssa/Instagram

Alyssa Milano was stunning in a breathtaking throwback pic.

Alyssa is both an actress and an activist, and she’s made major moves on both fronts. The Charmed star believes in using her voice and platform for the greater good.

And the 50-year-old star always does so in style. She clearly cares about both her inner and outer beauty — and it shows.

The gorgeous throwback picture of Alyssa in her younger years was in black and white, adding to the overall nostalgia.

She struck a pose for the photoshoot with both of her elbows up and her hands propped behind her head for an ultra-confident look.

Overall, her look wasn’t just confident but also strong and fierce. Her outfit, hair, and makeup all combined to create the perfect aesthetic.

Alyssa Milano strikes a pose in leather

Alyssa sported a dark leather jacket that only had the top button together. The rest was left open and allowed the camera to capture her toned tummy and her belly button.

The jacket enhanced the edginess of the image, and the businesswoman paired it with dark pants that sat low on her hips, in tune with the style of that time.

Alyssa let her dusty brunette hair down and had it parted to the right side. The locks effortlessly fell to her shoulders in a slick and wet fashion.

Her makeup was lovely with dark lashes, plump lips, and thin, yet defined, brows — also keeping up with the trends from the throwback pic’s time.

The singer gazed into the camera with a piercing look that would be sure to melt anyone’s heart and have them reminiscing over the past.

Alyssa Milano in a throwback photo.
Alyssa Milano strikes a confident pose in an open leather jacket. Pic credit: @milano_alyssa/Instagram

Alyssa Milano partners with Janji

Alyssa is stunning in everything she’s done — past and present — and she’s one of the artists in today’s world that insists on using their platform to make things better.

The voice actress partnered up with Janji to help solve the global issue of water scarcity. Janji is a running clothing company, and in addition to great products, it is proud that 2% of its sales go toward helping fight the water crisis.

Alyssa partnered with the brand for a giveaway of a whopping $500 gift card to Janji. While the giveaway is over, there may be more in the future to look out for.

Alyssa made sure to explain the importance of the mission in her caption. She wrote, “At present, slightly less than one half of the global population, 3.6 billion people or 47%, live in areas that suffer water scarcity at least one month each year. The average American family uses more than 300 gallons of water per day at home.”

Hopefully, Alyssa’s post hit home for her 3.4 million followers.

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2 months ago

so demeaning to women