Alyssa Milano recommends a ‘hot bath’ on a rainy day

Alyssa Milano on the red carpet.
Alyssa Milano enjoyed a hot bath during a rainy day. Pic credit: ©

Alyssa Milano isn’t afraid to be controversial.

The Charmed star speaks her mind and stands firm on what she believes.

While her social media posts aren’t quite fashion-related, she threw a photo in that got some attention.

Alyssa shared some insight into what she enjoys doing on a rainy day.

The beautiful actress wrote, “Nothing like a hot bath with some yummy bath salts when it’s raining outside. Nothing.”

She was sat in a bathtub with her knees pulled to her chest. Her makeup was flawless, with a little tint of pink on her lips as she smiled. Behind her were several plants, adding to the calm ambiance of the hot bath she described in the caption.

Alyssa credited her husband for the snapshot.

Alyssa Milano questioned Britney Spears’ well-being

Amid all the questions surrounding Britney Spears and her behavior, Alyssa Milano spoke about it. She questioned whether the pop princess was okay after her 13-year conservatorship ended.

Britney has been posting weird videos and deactivating and reactivating her Instagram account, and Alyssa reacted with concern. It wasn’t well received, though.

The blonde called Alyssa a “bully” for what she said about her. It seems Britney didn’t understand the intent behind what Alyssa was saying.

Following that, the Charmed star reached out privately to apologize for hurting Britney’s feelings and for making it seem like she wasn’t genuine.

That wasn’t the first time something Alyssa said landed her in the hot seat, and it’s likely not the last.

Alyssa Milano loves low-carb options

A few months ago, Alyssa Milano celebrated a big birthday. The Charmed star turned 50 but doesn’t look a day over 30.

That may be thanks to what she puts into her body. Alyssa is careful about her choices, and it looks like it is paying off.

While speaking to People, the actress revealed she followed the Atkins diet after struggling to lose the baby weight after welcoming her daughter. She found it to be a supportive community, and modifying things is easy for her and her husband.

Alyssa said, “The last 20 pounds were kind of stuck and I couldn’t get them off. I did some research and Atkins had such a great community and tools to help you through it, and for me, that’s really what made the difference.”

She avoids eating pasta and rice, choosing high-protein meals instead. There’s no eating junk food either.

The actress revealed, “To even think about having junk food would completely throw a wrench in my entire day … I would want to take a nap because my blood sugar would drop. I have to maintain eating healthy and a certain amount of energy to work the way I work and also to be such a proud mommy.”

Whatever Alyssa Milano is doing seems to be working because she isn’t aging.

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