Alysha Newman shares incredibly toned physique and pre-season tips

Alysha Newman poses at the 2022 ESPYs
Alysha Newman showed off her incredibly toned abs and physique as she shared a few pre-season tips. Pic credit: ©

Alysha Newman showed off her athletic physique as she donned some sports gear and shared some pre-season tips.

The 28-year-old Olympic pole vaulter looked extremely fit and toned in a salmon-colored Nike sports bra. She paired her sports bra with some gray and white sweatpants, and the outfit effectively showcased her shredded abs.

She also wore a pink, white, and blue jacket open over her outfit. Newman wore the hood of her jacket up and pulled over her black beanie which bore the phrase, “Kiss My Airs.”

She kept her makeup and accessories minimal for this photo, only wearing a simple necklace with a circular gold pendant on it. She also wore her blonde hair loose and straightened underneath her beanie.

Newman looked happy and refreshed as she posed with her hands on her hips and a smile on her face.

Her post indicated that she is in week three of her pre-season training. Although it’s early, she is already training and looking ahead to the 2023 track and field season.

Alysha Newman shared preseason tips

Newman paired her stunning photo with a series of tips for the preseason. They included five things she is doing to make the most of her preseason.

The first tip was pretty straightforward – Consistency. She indicated that she stays consistent by training and eating at the same time every day Monday through Friday.

Her next two tips were daily Hyperbaric Chamber therapy and morning ice baths. The Hyperbaric Chamber is a form of oxygen therapy that Newman stated helps foster blood flow to her brain.

Newman continued with her 4th tip, which is “No Alcohol.” It has been 25 days since she drank and it’s the first time she has gone alcohol-free in her career.

Finally, her last tip was “Mindset.” She indicated she is keeping a positive mindset and striving to prove to those who support her that they’re right.

The photo and tips were a helpful and interesting update on how her preseason is going at the three-week mark.

Newman back to training after injury

Newman’s update on preseason comes just a few months after she was forced to end her 2022 track and field season early. The two-time Olympic pole vaulter shared the news on August 5, 2022.

She shared a photo of herself in her uniform walking across the track. In her caption, she explained that she had suffered a stress fracture in her left heel.

The injury meant that she was ending her season and wouldn’t be back to compete on the track until next year. However, she kept her outlook positive indicating that she would make it to the other side of the road to recovery and would come back stronger than she was before.

She followed up a few weeks later with an update on how her offseason was going. Due to the doctor’s orders of no high heels and no impact workouts, she came up with a pretty impressive Pilates workout to stay in shape.

Four weeks ago, she confirmed that she was fully recovered and able to work out for 40 minutes pain-free. Newman paired the announcement with a video showing her grueling workout as she hit the treadmill and then got some strength training in.

After a period of recovery, she is now back on the track and her latest update indicates she’s still going strong three weeks into preseason.

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