Alysha Newman gives out kisses at Paris pole vault meet

Alysha Newman close up
Alysha Newman sizzled in spandex. Pic credit: @alyshanewman/Instagram

Alysha Newman showed her love (and outrageously fit figure) at a recent track meet, sending out kisses to all her fans.

The 28-year-old pole vault champion competed in Paris, France, at the annual Meeting de l’Eure, where she proudly represented her homeland of Canada.

In addition to her extraordinary strength, Alysha also unleashed her chiseled physique in an orange and burgundy spandex set by Nike.

In true athlete style, she kept her makeup to a minimum and slicked her gorgeous blonde tresses back in a ponytail with a few wispy pieces left out. 

Alysha’s highest jump of the meet was a whopping 4.63 meters, landing her in second place overall and giving her a much-deserved reason to celebrate.

She tagged the photographer in the caption, adding, “You get a kiss, you get a kiss, YOU ALL GET A KISS! Muahh 😘.”

Alysha Newman shared an unforgettable pole vaulting video

Now, if you thought the still image was impressive, get ready because nothing compares to the video of Alysha in action.

The Olympic athlete could be seen racing toward the yellow crossbar in a spandex set, carrying a massive pole in front of her body before soaring over the high bar with unparalleled grace. 

She used every one of her toned muscles to clear the obstacle, arching in such a way that showed both her strength and flexibility. 

Alysha appeared thrilled by the accomplishment, bouncing right up and signaling her excitement to the crowd.

Alysha Newman changed into a revealing ‘speed suit’ to promote Nike

Anyone who follows Alysha knows she’s a proud ambassador for Nike, and she took to TikTok earlier this month with a fun video to promote the sports brand. 

The blonde bombshell started in an oversized Nike Air sweatshirt with her hair down before transitioning into a revealing magenta one-piece with her hair slicked back and ready for action.

Beyond representing Nike on her social media account, Alysha frequently advertises the brand by rocking their logo during high-profile events.

Of course, as one of the biggest names in athleticwear, it should be no surprise that Nike would partner with an athlete exhibiting such incredible power and beauty.

Set to the hit track Sure Thing by Miguel, she captioned the share, “Pulling out the speed suit 😏😋@Nike #track #girls #polevault ##nike.”


Pulling out the speed suit 😏😋@Nike #track #girls #polevault #nike

♬ Originalton – CENKGO

As you can imagine, Alysha runs a pretty tight ship in terms of her training, and it clearly pays off.

During an interview with Body Building magazine, she outlined her typical routine, saying, “During the week I stick to a specific schedule. I usually have two technical days comprised of pole vaulting, gymnastics, and plyometrics. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, I run—anything from tempo runs to quick 60-meter sprints. I finish those running days with weight training. Whenever my competition schedule allows it, I take off Saturdays and Sundays to rest.”

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