Alysha Newman enjoys rest and renewal to ‘reawaken’ over the weekend

Alysha Newman close up
Alysha Newman stunned in a bikini. Pic credit: @alyshanewman/Instagram

Pole vault champion Alysha Newman showed off her jaw-dropping physique yesterday, and no, she wasn’t soaring over a bar with a long, flexible pole.

The 28-year-old Canadian athlete took some much-needed time for herself to rest and renew at a Nordic spa in Ontario, Canada.

While the time away was to focus on a bit of self-care, Alysha took time to share some steamy sauna snaps.

Alysha was lounging on her back, wearing an ethically and sustainably handmade bikini by the Canadian-based swimwear brand ŪNIKA.

The revealing black bathing suit highlighted everything from her chiseled abs and super-sculpted legs to her enviably sun-kissed complexion.

She tagged her location in the caption, “Left the city to reawaken @vettanordicspa this past weekend!🤍”

Alysha Newman wore tiny bikini to promote Plunge

Alysha dubbed 2023 the “year of insane courage” as she dipped her bikini-clad body in an outdoor ice bath to promote Plunge, a cold water therapy tub.

One look at the five-foot-nine Olympian, and it’s clear she’s all about keeping her body in tip-top shape, which was undoubtedly why she took the freezing plunge.

According to the company’s website, the benefits of cold water therapy include elevated energy, immune support, muscle recovery, performance enhancement, boosted mood, improved momentum, better sleep, stress reduction, and pain relief.

Standing outside in a dark blue bikini, Alysha gave her dog a quick nose high-five before lowering her fit figure into the tub and turning her senses inward for the duration.

Alysha Newman sizzled in cheeky bathing suit during Miami trip

Alysha turned heads and dropped jaws in the coastal resort city of Miami beach, sporting a bathing suit that left little to the imagination.

The track and field star could be seen walking barefoot along a sandy trail, turning back to give the camera a luminous smile.

Still, it’s likely most eyes weren’t fixed on her pearly whites, as Alysha’s peachy behind undeniably stole the spotlight.

She accessorized the carefree ensemble with an oversized white beach hat, dangling earrings, and brown-tinted sunglasses.

“Beach bum 🤭,” she captioned the cheeky share.

As you can imagine (and see!), Alysha spends her fair share of time at the gym, but surprisingly, that’s not at the top of her priority list.

As she put it, “If I were going to put it on a scale, my mentality is priority number one, nutrition is number two, and practice is number three. I put my nutrition before practice because I have to fuel my body with the best nutrients to get the best results.”

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