Alvaro Morata’s pregnant wife Alice Campello stuns in mini dress for a shopping trip

Alice Campello smiling
Alice Campello takes a selfie while wearing her clothing brand. Pic credit: alicecampello/Instagram

When the Italian influencer Alice Campello isn’t running her beauty brand MASQMAI or her fashion collection, Akala Studio, she can be seen enjoying a little retail therapy. 

Alice was glowing on her shopping trip earlier this week. The mom of three was seen in Madrid, Spain, smiling ear to ear while rocking her growing baby bump. 

Paparazzi caught the blonde beauty with a shopping bag in hand, enjoying her day in the sun.  

Alice, 27, was ready to pop as she walked out on the town, modeling her Akala Studio mini dress

She was prepared to combat the incoming cool fall weather with a long jacket and over-the-knee boots.  

Alice was seen in a white mini-sweater dress with a small slit on the leg for added style. She styled the look with a matching white Chanel bag and a YSL navy-blue pinstripe blazer.  

Alice Campello rocks a tiny mini dress 

Alice kept her makeup very simple, opting for the “clean girl” trend made popular by social media. This included light blush and thick eyebrows to show off her natural beauty. 

While she usually snaps pictures of herself wearing her long blonde hair down to her 3.1 million followers, she put her hair in a relaxed ponytail to add new dimensions to her trendy outfit. 

The influencer was with her friend, and they were both seen with Hermes shopping bags in hand.  

Alice Campello is expecting her fourth child with her husband and Atletico de Madrid soccer star, Alvaro Morata. The two currently have three boys: Alessandro, Leonardo, and Edoardo. They are now waiting for their little girl, who they plan to name Bella, to join the family.

Alice Campello shopping
The Italian influencer Alice Campello enjoying her day on the town. Pic credit: JLDuenas/

Alice Campello and Alvaro Morata have been together for five years

Alice and her husband Alvaro have created a real-life love story for themselves. Fans can’t believe it almost didn’t happen. According to The Sun’s translation of an interview done with The Weekly, Alvaro Morata was captivated by the influencer’s photos on social media.

The Atletico de Madrid star asked all of his friends about the Akala Studio CEO in hopes of them being set up. However, the two celebrities had no mutual friends.  

Alvaro, not one to give up easily, decided to DM the Instagram influencer with the hopes of getting her attention. Alice admitted that when she first saw his message, it took her a while to answer it because she wasn’t sure about him.  

However, she is glad she did because the couple moved fast when they met. Within two weeks, the couple met each other’s parents and were taking long trips to see each other. After eight months, the couple got engaged and have been together ever since. 

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