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Alissa Violet stuns in crop top bedroom selfie: ‘I’d hate me too’

Alissa Violet
Alissa Violet holds a cocktail as she snaps her latest selfie for followers. Pic credit: @alissaviolet/Instagram

Alissa Violet is making it clear that two things have made quite a comeback this year — espresso martinis and her YouTube channel.

The 26-year-old model, who rose to fame on various social media platforms, shared her latest mirror selfie with followers on Wednesday.

With a blank expression, Alissa glared at the camera from inside a seemingly luxurious bedroom. She posed while standing between the bed and a green armchair, which appeared to have a vlog camera resting on it.

The ex of Jake Paul kept it simple in regards to her outfit and opted for a cropped white tank and a pair of ripped high-waisted jeans.

For accessories, she chose a gold chain necklace, a few colorful rings, and a long charm that appeared to hang off the side of her iPhone.

Although Alissa tends to sport different hair lengths, this selfie saw her with long, wavy, light blonde hair that she rocked with a middle part.

Alissa Violet says she would ‘hate herself too’ as she holds a drink

Although the model didn’t specify if she was sipping on a cocktail or not, she held onto a coupe glass with one hand that seemed to resemble the hot drink of the summer — an espresso martini.

“i’d hate me too,” Alissa joked in her caption.

Fans assured Alissa in her comments section, however, that they definitely didn’t hate her. “Sis we’re all obsessed actually,” one user replied.

Comment on Alissa's Instagram post.
Pic credit: @alissaviolet/Instagram

Danessa Elreya wrote in, “I can’t hate you- your an Icon.”

Comment on Alissa's Instagram post.
Pic credit: @alissaviolet/Instagram

Although Alissa has consistently been active on her Instagram page, she took about a five-month hiatus over on her YouTube channel before posting an update to her 3.62 million subscribers two weeks ago.

Alissa Violet updates YouTube subscribers with nose surgery video

When it comes to gaining fame, Alissa’s success on the popular video-sharing platform YouTube has made a big impact on her career thus far. Although her video uploads have slowed down over the past few years, most of Alissa’s videos from the past currently have millions of views.

After taking a five-month-long break from YouTube, she uploaded a video that showed her vlogging a recent nose surgery to fix her deviated septum.

The video first shows her months prior, where she takes followers along to her consultation, in which the doctor explains what will be fixed. She then shows herself after the surgery is completed and updates her subscribers on the progress she makes throughout the next few days before getting the bandages removed.

Although Alissa talks about the swelling, bruising, and discomfort that came about from the surgery, it seems as if the readjustment was worth it, as she is seemingly able to breathe better in the end.

“I never thought I’d have a straight nose,” she says while showing viewers the end result.