Alissa Violet nude in bath for irresistible offer

Close-up of Alissa Violet's face.
Alissa Violet’s face. Pic credit: © Nelson

Rose petals are the only thing keeping Alissa Violet covered up in a recent stunning picture.

Usually, the social media starlet poses for pictures wearing trendy outfits and fashionable pieces of clothing.

This time around, she ditched all of her clothes for a sexy photo shoot that came with a playful offer for her followers.

Ever since Alissa shared her nude picture in a bathtub, hundreds of people have flooded her likes and comment section with their responses.

The gorgeous YouTuber has over 3.62 million subscribers on her channel and over 11.8 million followers on Instagram these days.

Her latest post provides all of the people who are interested in her beauty with something enticing to admire.

Alissa Violet’s nude photo in her bathtub is sizzling

There isn’t a thread of clothing in sight in Alissa’s stunning bathtub photo.

Instead, she’s laying down on her side in a tub of clouded water covered in rose petals. The water isn’t clear enough to reveal anything too intimate.

She added a caption that said, “Selling my bathwater,” but it’s safe to assume she was probably just joking about such an offer.

Keep in mind that Belle Delphine lost her Instagram account back in 2019 after offering to sell her bathwater for $30 a jar.

The cosplay model was beyond viral on social media with millions of fans and followers but she lost it all when Instagram removed her page for violating their community guidelines.

It would be incredibly unfortunate if the same fate applied to Alissa, based on how well she is doing on social media these days.

In the sexy picture, she added a few subtle pieces of jewelry for some sparkling flair. Her ear is lined with several earrings, and she’s wearing a silver bracelet clasped around her wrist.

Her hair is wet and slicked back, and her makeup looks perfectly flawless. Alissa is wearing eyebrow tint, mascara, and a natural shade of lipstick.

Alissa Violet doesn’t always pose fully nude on Instagram

Before Alissa shared her gorgeous nude bathtub shot on social media, she posed for a couple of selfies in a typical casual outfit that looked just as stunning.

Alissa wore a white crop top with thick straps on top of a pair of ripped denim jeans. The ripped area of material covered one of her thighs in a “grunge” way.

She accessorized the look with multiple rings around her fingers and a gold chain necklace around her neck. In the photos, she casually held onto a glass of something to sip on.

She wore her blonde locks of hair parted down the middle with a medium amount of makeup on her face.

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