Alison Brie steals the show ahead of Watch What Happens Live

Alison Brie face
Alison Brie served looks ahead of a Bravo appearance. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Alison Brie has style and humor, and during a recent appearance, she showcased both qualities with amazing results.

The Community actress has been doing press for her movie, Someone I Used To Know, which became available on Amazon Prime today.

Alison played an integral role in the film’s development, starring opposite Community co-star Danny Pudi and co-writing the piece with Dave Franco.

So it was only fitting that Alison looked fabulous as she made the rounds, including standout appearances on Watch What Happens Live and The Drew Barrymore Show.

Erin Walsh, who has worked as Alison’s personal stylist for years, shared a captivating Instagram Reel featuring her client’s best looks during the press tour.

While it was difficult to choose a favorite, Alison had a few delightful looks, including a burgundy cutout ensemble and a houndstooth with a black lace outfit.

Alison Brie promotes her new film Somebody I Used To Know

The video started with Alison rocking a chic houndstooth blazer and matching pants by Versace. However, this wasn’t a traditional houndstooth ensemble. Instead, Alison spiced up the look with a sheer corset featuring black lace and red detailing for a pop of color. Alison wore this sultry yet sophisticated ensemble on The Drew Barrymore Show for a daytime appearance. The clip showed Alison striking some poses in a hotel hallway.

Next, Alison changed into a burgundy ensemble wrapping around her neck, with a cutout under the bodice. The second outfit appeared on Watch What Happens Live, where Alison sat with Natasha Lyonne.

Alison worked her angles on the WWHL couch for the nighttime appearance, looking comfortable and cute.

As tags in the clip revealed, Alison’s burgundy ensemble was the work of The Andamane. Other celebrities who have sported The Andamane recently include Chiara Ferragni and Alicia Keys.

As for Alison, she definitely made the look her own.

Alison Brie’s exercise secrets

Alison starred in the Netflix series GLOW, which chronicled a fictitious 1980’s women’s professional wrestling circuit.  Accordingly, Alison had to get into shape to play a strong wrestler.

As it turns out, working out has played a huge role in Alison’s mental being. Alison’s maternal grandmother had schizophrenia, and this diagnosis has continued to affect her progeny.

The wife of Dave Franco told Women’s Health, “The rest of my family then dealt with the trickle-down effects of trauma.”

Therefore, Alison said she had to drag herself to workout sessions, hitting the gym six times a week.

The benefits were plentiful, with mental and physical manifestations.

Alison continued, “When I’ve been in a really serious depression, I’ll drag myself to a yoga class — even if I don’t want to be around people — tears streaming down my face. But, get in class, get out of your head, get blood flowing. It ends up helping eventually.”

Alison’s new film, Someone I Used To Know, is available on Amazon Prime today.

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