Alicia Silverstone topless ‘didn’t see you there’

Alicia Silverstone
Alicia Silverstone is stunning for a topless snap. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Actress Alicia Silverstone may have dialed back some of her large roles on the big screen, but she’s still a hit all these years later.

It has been almost 30 years since her hit film Clueless was released, and though Alicia has grown up more, she still has her stylish flair.

Alicia, 45 now, spends a lot of her time now as a mother, animal activist, and author, though she’s still acting and has two projects, Reptile and Tunnels, coming out in the future.

Many of her social media posts reflect her current life, as she mostly shares pictures of food, her kids, and animals, though she does share pictures of herself every now and then.

She took to her Instagram account to show some sin and some elegance with her 2 million followers, proving she still has “it girl” status.

Going designer in a Christian Siriano skirt, Alicia showed off her elegance and back in a long tulle skirt, no shirt required.

Alicia Silverstone goes topless in hot pink skirt

The long dark pink skirt covered Alicia’s legs entirely, flowing down to the ground and outward, making sure to give her her space.

She posed in the middle of an arch inside a living area as she looked over her shoulder and back at the camera.

Taking to the caption, she joked, “Oops! 🤭 I didn’t see you there… 💗.”

The post has received over 45 thousand likes since it was shared on Friday.

Alicia seems to have always maintained her confidence throughout her career, though there were times she struggled with being oversexualized by men and had to learn to navigate unnecessary comments.

Alicia Silverstone opens up on handling unwanted advances

Alicia became famous when she was just a teenager and in many ways grew up in the spotlight, and was only 18 when she skyrocketed to fame via her role in Clueless.

At the time, Rolling Stone published a piece on her, describing her as a young rising star “whom lots of men want to sleep with.”

It was a lot to handle in her life, especially as she never expected her fame to take off as it did after her role in Clueless. She told The Guardian, “I was so overwhelmed by being famous because I was such a young girl and it was never really my intention.”

She also revealed that she recalls how men saw her at the time as a sexual object and how she would handle their unwanted advances and behavior.

“I felt empowered to be like ‘oh no you don’t!’”

Despite being so young in her fame, it seems Alicia has always been confident and known that her existence wasn’t just for the male gaze, but for her own self and her own confidence.

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