Alicia Keys is celebrating her Aquarius birthday from the beach

Alicia Keys stuns on the beach to celebrate her birthday
Alicia Keys is ready to celebrate her January birthday. Pic credit: ©

Alicia Keys is ringing in her birthday in the best way possible.

The gorgeous singer just turned 42 years old, and she’s been busy celebrating the big day even before it arrives.

She was even generous enough to share a birthday pregame video with her fans, and she couldn’t have looked more radiant in it.

She wanted people to know “my birthday [is] tomorrow,” as she repeated it several times in one of her latest TikTok clips.

In just 14 seconds, Alicia shared four different outfits, including a flowy and floral minidress, two different spandex workout sets, and a stunning strapless bikini that showed off the Girl on Fire singer’s incredible figure.

She didn’t skimp on the caption either, writing, “MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!!!! 🔊🔊🔊🤣🤣🤣 Big Birthday Vibes!! Where my Aquariuses at?? ♒️🥳 whats your favorite thing about an Aquarius?? 😘😘😘Love you!! 😍😍 Excited to see what this year brings💜✨”


MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!!!! 🔊🔊🔊🤣🤣🤣 Big Birthday Vibes!! Where my Aquariuses at?? ♒️🥳 whats your favorite thing about an Aquarius?? 😘😘😘Love you!! 😍😍 Excited to see what this year brings💜✨

♬ Birthday Tomorrow – Tiny Chubbs

Alicia Keys can celebrate her birthday with a No. 1 hit

While Alicia Keys is living it up in a bikini on the beach, she’s also enjoying another number-one song.

Even though it was actually released five months ago as a single from her latest album, Keys II, the song Trillions featuring Brent Faiyaz can currently be found in the top spot of the Billboard Adult R&B Airplay Chart.

Trillions is a rework of an earlier song, Billions, which debuted on her Keys album and has already racked up 1.3 million views for the original music video on YouTube seen below.

Trillions is soulful and sweet, making it a perfect sultry slow jam for Alicia Keys, who is no stranger to the top of the charts.

Alicia Keys finds balance in career, family and staying in great shape

Alicia Keys is an incredibly successful and busy woman, but as she proved with her fun TikTok birthday post, she knows how to find balance.

With a huge career that even counted Queen Elizabeth as a fan, a husband, and two kids, that’s an absolute must in order for Alicia to stay focused and find time to enjoy her incredible life.

For much of 2022, she was on the road touring to promote Keys II and to prepare for the grueling tour, she went hard in the gym with a personal trainer using medicine balls, resistance bands, and a plethora of other workout equipment.

Highlights shared of Alicia’s pre-tour workout are impressive, and it’s clear that she puts a lot of effort into looking and feeling amazing when she’s on the road. Which definitely translated to her birthday bikini video, where she was absolutely glowing.

In the video below, you can see the super-toned star doing a cardio workout with boxes as she effortlessly steps and kicks, with her lean muscles flexing under stretchy spandex fabric.

The routines from Anna Kaiser Studios are meant to increase strength and endurance, two things she needs to make it through five months of tour dates where she puts on high-energy shows night after night.

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