Alexis Ren wows in leather bra and matching coat

Alexis Ren poses for the camera
Alexis Ren stuns in dark eyeshadow, blonde curly hair, and plump nude lips for the red carpet. Pic credit: © Hirata/

Social media personality Alexis Ren has repeatedly left her fans’ jaws on the floor.

Ren is mainly known for her modeling career and has a very big social media following. However, she recently ventured into the acting world as well.

The 25-year-old looked incredible in an all-black leather outfit that showed off her incredible toned physique.

She wore a plunging bra that she layered with a long coat making her look like a sexy character of the Matrix.

Ren matched these two pieces of clothing with a mini skirt and added a small pop of color with a bright pair of red heels with an ankle strap.

She posed for the camera showcasing a gorgeous Versace bag.

Alexis Ren wows in all-black leather outfit with Versace bag

To accessorize even more, she wore a couple of gold rings to contrast with the black and a pair of hoop earrings with her name in the middle of them.

Her makeup also caused a lot of sensation. She put on a graphic black eyeliner across her lids, right below her eyes, and a nude lip.

Her shiny blonde hair was styled straight and adorned with a hairband.

Ren posted pictures from this shoot by Colombian photographer Perazna, who has photographed her before.

Alexis Ren discusses her acting career

Ren is new in the acting industry, yet she has already landed a significant role in the movie The Enforcer, starring Antonio Banderas.

After taking acting lessons for over three years, she finally found someone who believed in her and her talent, despite having zero experience before she stepped on the set.

The model talked to Ocean Drive magazine about this, “I think some people use acting to get really close to themselves, and other times they use it to get away from themselves. For me, it’s the former. I think that’s where authenticity shines, but there’s no right or wrong. […] I didn’t even know who was attached to it, just that when I heard that they wanted to take a risk, it was the perfect fit for me.”

She also told the magazine that she realized that acting for her became some sort of a spiritual experience and allowed her to be present. Now, it’s only a matter of waiting and seeing what other incredible projects come knocking on her door.

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