Alexis Ren stuns in tiny skirt while showing off midriff

Alexis Ren poses at The Spotify Best New Artist Party
Alexis Ren looks stunning as she shows off her midriff in a mini skirt and crop top. Pic credit: ©

Alexis Ren stunned in a miniskirt and crop top as she showed off her midriff and adjusted her knee-high socks.

The 25-year-old social media star went all-out as she modeled for the Alo clothing brand.

For the photo, she wore a black miniskirt paired with a low-cut, sleeveless crop top which showed off her toned midriff.

She brought her outfit to a whole different level by adding on some knee-high, see-through black socks. She arched her back slightly in one photo as she bent to adjust her socks.

Ren finished her look with a pair of shiny black shoes and a black purse slung over one shoulder.

She wore her blonde hair down and styled it to frame her face perfectly.

Alexis Ren stunned in Alo photoshoot

Ren struck a couple of different poses as she showed off her Alo outfit. In one photo she stood with her hands on her hips as she smoldered at the camera.

In another photo, she leaned against the wall with her purse hanging from her hand. For the last photo, she bent down slightly with one finger pointing at her knee-high socks.

Alo is just one of the many women’s clothing brands that Ren advertises for. She also recently showed off a lacy lavender bra to promote the Love Collection at Victoria’s Secret.

Ren’s career has been on the rise as she has been working on adding actress and entrepreneur to her already impressive resume. She made her acting debut in the film The Enforcer in 2022 and also launched a wellness community called We Are Warriors.

She started her career off by modeling at the age of 14. By 2017, she had ventured onto social media with her YouTube channel and followed up with Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Ren’s fame skyrocketed due to social media, where she quickly racked up over 20 million followers across platforms. She has expressed interest in also further pursuing an acting career.

Ren shared ten fun facts for The Enforcer premiere

In celebration of the premiere of The Enforcer, Ren sat down with Just Jared to share ten fun facts about herself, and some of them were a bit surprising.

Several of her fun facts gave heartwarming insight into her family life. Her 10th fun fact was that she has two sisters and one little brother.

She also revealed that her mother, a holistic health nutritionist, let her and her siblings get any animal they wanted. She said, “At one point we had over 35 animals in one household.”

Additionally, she revealed that she was homeschooled her whole life and once lived in Japan for some time.

A few of her fun facts also gave some insight into her career. She revealed she practiced ballet for 20 years, which explains her incredible physique and stint on Dancing with the Stars.

One of her most impressive fun facts was that she has mentored over 10,000 girls through her wellness community, We Are Warriors.

Her fun facts pointed to a happy home life, as well as to her progressing career.

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